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OUR FOUNDER A widow and mentor

Carolyn Moor 

girls_videosplashMore than 12 million widowed women in the United States go unnoticed in their pain and aloneness—trying to pull the pieces together, struggling to move forward. They may feel alone, but they are not alone. A woman widowed in her 30's with two young children suddenly found herself mentoring other widows. Following her appearance on The Oprah Winfrey Show she realized her purpose was to reach out and help other widows get their lives back, piece by piece. Thus, Modern Widows Club was birthed and has been changing widows' lives ever since.  If #OneMillionWidows became mentors they could impact and inspire the 245 million widows worldwide. Carolyn's favorite quote is 'Teamwork makes the dream work!' Please Join us, email me your questions at info@modernwidowsclub.com and support this vital movement for women.  

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MWC BLOG Recent Articles

Navigating Fiscally Unequal Relationships

February 14, 2017 admin Uncategorized

Navigating Fiscally Unequal Relationships When You Have More Money Than He Has  As we approach Valentine’s Day, my thoughts naturally turn to love and money. Previously I blogged about starting to date again and determining who should pay.  As I observe many of my “wisters” (widowed sisters) starting to date again, I find that I am often part of conversations about being in relationships with partners who have less money than the widow. The idea of the fiscally…   Read more  

Thoughts of a Widow Advocate

December 16, 2016 Carolyn Moor Featured Posts

There’s nothing more joyful than being in love, and there’s nothing more traumatic and painful than losing that same person and being left suddenly alone. That’s where a nonprofit such as Modern Widows Club brings value to individuals, community and society at large. There are two phenomenons that happen to widows that friends, family, co-workers and bosses do not realize when it comes to women and widowhood. They are invisibly crushing for millions of widows and their families…   Read more  

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We believe in giving back. Through partnering with Wagoma Orphans and Widows Centre, we help build homes for those in need.

This loss and grief center cares for orphans and widows, at the Lakeshore village of Wagoma in Kenya. This center cares for 166 orphans in the village and 60 widows and continues to re-build lives and save the perishing lakeshore village. You can make a difference.
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