The nonprofit, which I founded in 2011 in Orlando, Modern Widows Club 
has a new fundraising initiative called #100WidowStrong

Since grants, fundraisers, competitions and asks from the community aren’t seeing how vital it is to serve women in widowhood, we are asking widows themselves to help us. We are asking 100 Widow Strong to help us rise to the occasion and secure our 2019 with either:

100 widows donating $1000, or
1000 widows donating $100


Since Day One, it’s been widows who have built, want this, need this, who use their time, talent and treasures to keep our doors open. But we struggle every month because we’ve never fully gotten to the lean start up budget, little alone our fully functioning budget based on our strategic plan. It seems people send us widows from everywhere, but not enough money to function and cover our expenses, staff and program needs. It takes a MINIMUM of $125,000 to run this organization at a basic level. But last year we raised $75,000. We’ve increased the women, chapters, events and online support presence organically and by word of mouth.

We can’t serve more women without more 501c3 nonprofit help and resources. If you can’t do $100, partner with a friend and do $50 each. Get 3 friends together and all do $25. Any amount is appreciated, and all donations are tax deductible.

We’ve fought big corps like Johnson & Johnson who wouldn’t 2:1 match a donors donation because they didn’t believe we were about women’s health… which is so wrong!! We won in the end by the way- after 6 months. It’s sometimes a case that everyone thinks someone else is donating … but often they aren’t. But it made me realize how few understand that losing a spouse is the number one most stressful life event, an all affront attack on women’s health. It’s so invisible and misunderstood. Advocacy has become our third level of service to the community. We hope things change soon, because 30,000 widows follow us online and at our 23 chapters, 1849 ladies found a face to face community in 2018. We believe THIS is something good.  You may email me for more info at info@modernwidowsclub.com with questions and thoughts. We want a total revival for serving, educating, inspiring and creating leaders and mentors until we hit #onemillionwidows


You can also mail your check directly to Modern Widows Club. 
Please make your checks payable to Modern Widows Club
(note 100 Widow Strong in the memo field.)

Mail checks to:
127 W Fairbanks Ave #282
Winter Park FL 32789