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February 4, 2014 |



It’s taken a long time and it can be a journey for many of us to find those special women in our lives we can trust, but when we do, they are the gems we can’t live without.  I know that I wouldn’t be the woman I am today without my girlfriends, and I wouldn’t see life as such a treasure without the women in my life who have been like angels who have shown me so much love—especially, after Richard’s death.  I’ve always told my daughters that men may come and go in your lives, but your girlfriends will remain with you in crises until you can stand on your own to rebuild your life, and this may happen many times for different reasons.


That’s where we are now, and we have the opportunity to be in community and share the power of the feminine circle here with the Modern Widows Club and this column;  we don’t have to feel alone in our widowhood as we face the issues of rediscovering who we are as single women….Women who sit in circle to grow richer in the journey of self discovery.

We are in a time of change, transition and reinvention truly rediscovering aspects of ourselves that may have been dormant for many years—even so, prior to our loss.   Together, we can co-create a well-lit path that leads us into our next level of greatness to fulfill another purpose-driven life.  I believe as evidenced in my own life, that we are like the saying goes for cats that we have many lives to live, most untidy, in this one life.  Our world needs us to find each other and as we grow richer in wisdom, we band together in a circle that can’t be broken.  Together, we can remember why we came to this earth.  Together, we can claim our joy in this new adventure of life unfolding.  Together we can come to understand and express the deepest love affair that we have—the one we experience with life.   In sisterhood, we can hold space in love and support, as we heal and embrace the unknown with courage and with heart.  We can do this in celebration and dance as if we are maidens making our way around a May-pole! 238669113_640

You can tip-toe around in the dark grappling for something to hold onto and ground you in this time of change, or you can sit comfortably in a virtual circle, wrapped in a blanket and as I step into this phase of life where there is so much more.  Modern Widows, I invite you to join me in a one-hour monthly call in the Don’t Sweat Sisterhood as we live the big stuff and talk about the big questions together. Each month I will explore what’s up for me, what I’m learning, the growth edges I’m surfing in my mind, body and spirit awareness, and we’ll meet together via phone around each month’s topic.  In sisterhood, I invite you to join me on a passion quest this year where you come along with me holding my hand and walking beside me on my personal growth journey and we traverse some new topics in my blog Don’t Sweat the Change answering the big questions:  Where is your passion? What really lights your fire now? How do I define myself with an empty nest and how do I fill the emptiness renewed with a new purpose?  What’s happening to my body?  How can we go through our body changes gracefully and with optimal health? How can I tap into my divine feminine sexual essence? How can I have romance and sovereignty all at once?  These are some of the big life questions that will help us live our next best life to the absolute fullest.  Thanks for being here and I hope to deepen our connection in the Don’t Sweat Sisterhood.

~ Kris Carlson

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Kristine Carlson

Kristine is the author of Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff Series and Heart Broken Open. An unyielding believer of not sweating the small stuff in order to live the big stuff and experience true happiness in life, bestselling author and inspirational speaker Kristine Carlson has continued to expand on the phenomenal success of her late husband, Dr. Richard Carlson, beloved author of the Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff series who passed away suddenly in 2006.