Carolyn Moor is the founding director, and visionary behind the nonprofit Modern Widows Club, as well as, an interfaith minister, recognized consultant and subject matter expert who has mentored thousands of widows. She resides in Orlando, FL near her daughters.

Carolyn Moor is an award winning interior designer who found herself leading a new movement to empower women in widowhood to become a new generation of extraordinary mentors, leaders, advocates while building positive socially innovative communities giving back and therefore, make a impact in society.

She is a mentor to many widows in the United States and Internationally and has spoken on behalf of widows everywhere to change how society sees the widowhood.

Whether you are a widow or an organization looking to better serve widows, if you would like to connect to Carolyn, visit her website at CarolynMoor.com or contact Carolyn at info@modernwidowsclub.com.