Carolyn Moor is the founding director, and visionary behind the nonprofit Modern Widows Club, as well as, an interfaith minister, recognized consultant and subject matter expert who has mentored thousands of widows. She resides in Orlando, FL near her daughters.

Carolyn Moor is an award winning interior designer who found herself leading a new movement to empower women in widowhood to become a new generation of extraordinary mentors, leaders, advocates while building positive socially innovative communities giving back and therefore, make a impact in society.

She is a mentor to many widows in the United States and Internationally and has spoken on behalf of widows everywhere to change how society sees the widowhood.

Whether you are a widow or an organization looking to better serve widows, if you would like to connect to Carolyn, visit her website at CarolynMoor.com or contact Carolyn at info@modernwidowsclub.com.

Carolyn recently participated in the Global Leadership Summit held worldwide via Satellite from the Willow Creek Association. More than just an event, the Summit experience kicks-off a year-long community transformation process—providing tools to help you and your team apply what you learned throughout the year.

Empowering Widows to Be Leaders Changes Lives Globally

Published January 22, 2019

I became a widow at age 37.

I was widowed at age 37 on February 14, 2000 when my kids were two and four years old.

We were in a hit and run car accident that took my husband’s life. I survived. I discovered that grief services for widows last around one to two years. Finding a mentor beyond that time proved to be illusive. It took me 10 years to find someone to look up to who had rebuilt her life and raised her children while maintaining a career after her loss.

Ten years is too long for a widow to suffer to find inspiration, motivation, education and understanding.

God began working through an interesting turn of events.

Carolyn Moor with OprahIn 2005, I shared my struggles and fears on a TLC TV show called Shalom in the Home. Rabbi Shmuley Boteach, helped me to see how stuck I was in my life and that I needed to “bury” some things from the past in order to make space for restoration; in essence, not to see my life as a tragedy, but instead to choose life and become the inspiration I was looking for.

Not long after that, the Oprah Show picked up my story. Widows from around the country contacted me and asked me to mentor them. I felt like I was the very last person who wanted to be used to empower widows. I didn’t even think I could empower myself as a struggling solo parent mom. I didn’t want to be in this club.