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    Jodie Rodenbaugh

    Jodie holds a Masters in Education and spent 16 years dedicated to teaching children the love of learning and eventually expanded her practice to coaching teachers.
    She holds certifications in both Personal Training-CPT and Life Coaching-CPC and is a Master Practitioner of Energy Leadership, a scientifically proven process created by Dr. Bruce Schneider where she analyzes client’s results of her Sexy Soul Profile. This assessment is a key first step in her Sexy Soul Makeover project.


About Jodie Rodenbaugh

Kansas City, MO ~ Jodie is a modern widow who followed her whispers to connect to other modern widows who create their own rules. Talking to Carolyn for the first time left her knowing she had to bring a chapter to Kansas City.  She realized that although Carolyn was a few years her senior in widowhood they spoke the very same language.  She saw hope in Carolyn’s stories and believed she could offer that same hope to others.

Connection to like-minded people who inspire each other really is the path toward healing and beyond.  It’s a mastermind of the most divine sisterhood.

She mentors women who have lost love in any way shape or form and uses the gifts of her voice, experiences, and knowledge to liberate others along their path.

Inspired by love, her daughters, knowledge, design, life transformation, nature, modern widows, connection, efficient work in a short amount of time, traveling, weight training, yoga, wellness, people, laughter, warm water, fire, fresh air, and everything her past experiences and loves have taught her.

Jodie believes life really is as difficult or as easy as we let it be.

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