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Thoughts of a Widow Advocate

Thoughts of a Widow Advocate Carolyn Moor There's nothing more joyful than being in love, and there's nothing more traumatic and painful than losing that same person and being left suddenly alone. That's where a nonprofit such as Modern Widows Club brings value to individuals, community and society at large. There are two phenomenons that

A Widow’s Holiday Wish

A Widow’s Holiday Wish Carolyn Moor - Despite what you might think, I don’t have to do the holidays. There is not a rule that says I must do so. - The frenetic tension of this season makes me want to withdrawal, so when you see me it’s extra tough to pretend all is okay.

I Am So Much Moor

I AM SO MUCH MOOR By Carolyn Moor   On the anniversary of Chad’s death February 14, 2000, there is one over arching thought this morning ‘I am so much moor’. You see, when he died, I died too. But I didn’t know that back then. I just felt like I was literally dying inside

A Widow’s Cry

A Widow’s Cry Carolyn Moor - Despite what you might think, the tears that come to me are necessary. - My tears are because I loved someone with all my heart and I can’t be with them, touch them, kiss them or hug them again. Not even once. Do you know how that feels? -

A Widow’s Valentine For You

A Widow’s Valentine Carolyn Moor Despite what you may think, Valentine’s Day will not kill me. It’s a day. I understand the the power of one day, as a number on the Western calendar, not as a chart to base my whole future upon. As a widow, I know how love can literally take your

A Widow’s Dream

A Widow's Dream Carolyn Moor Despite what you might think, I haven’t lost all my dreams. - Although the biggest dream I had was to grow old, crazy in love, to laugh away the hours seated beside each other in two cozy rocking chairs. - When you lose your dreams, it’s gut wrenching. It’s a