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    Roseline Orwa

    Roseline’s organization Rona Foundation's is the 1st model for loss and grief centre caring for orphans and widows, at the Lakeshore village of Wagoma, Bondo, Siaya County. They care for 166 orphans in the village and 60 widows to re-build lives and save the perishing lakeshore village.


About Roseline Orwa

Nairobi, Kenya ~

Modern Widows Club has partnered with Wagoma Centre in two ways:

(Both coming Soon to our MWC SHOP)

1) Sponsor a Mission Legos Box- $90 Donates 6 lbs of Legos to the orphans of Wagoma. Sent USPS Express International to Nairobi for Roseline to deliver to Wagoma orphans. These children are seeing Legos for the first time EVER!

2) ‘Sponsor a Home for Widows Program’- $650 Builds one mud walled home with a thatch roof or $1200 Builds one mud walled home with a tin roof structure for a widow & her orphans at Wagoma Centre.

Wagoma is a village in Bondo District, along the shores of Lake Victoria, 35 kms away from Bondo, with a population of 3500 people within the sub-location, and 238,780 living in 56,607 households within the district. The children in this village still have limited access to education due to lack of basic utilities like clothes, food and other dignity materials, particularly for girl child, who often drop out of schools. Even if they are able to reach past primary education, few make it to secondary schools due to lack of fees and other social dynamics attributed to the impacts of HIV and AIDS and poverty. (TAC Report, 2011).

Most of the children orphaned by AIDS have been taken in by extended family members. However, the large number of orphaned and vulnerable children is overwhelming this traditional copying mechanism. Elderly female caretakers or children themselves are heading many of these households and with no income, they lack resources needed to support these additional children and provide essential food, clothing and school fees. Conversely, for the children to cope and/or ensure the survival of their younger siblings, most orphans are being forced to find some sources of income.

The main source of income in the village is fishing and peasant farming, which is often affected by the erratic rain pattern. The village has 56 homesteads, with 74 orphans and 92 partial, making a total of 166 orphans in the tiny lakeshore village. According to the National Population Policy for Sustainable Development, Bondo District Strategic Plan, 2005-2010, orphan hood associated with HIV/AIDS deaths is on the increase, and the prevalence rate is at 95% and rising, the study shows 1/3 of the current population will have perished in 5yrs and diminished in 10yrs, living women and child headed families. This then requires the urgent need for special programmes and new ways of handling the scenario at the lakeside village.

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