Everything widows want to know about kids, in-laws, relatives and friends who become family.

Heroic Mothers as Heroic Fathers

Research from many psychologists indicates the deep value that fathers bring to the world in their families and especially their children's lives. But what happens when there isn't a living father in the case of widowhood? How do we as widows positively impact your child's life in the best way possible in the wake of

You Can 180, Baby!

My Peruvian grandmother was a a petite and powerful woman. Packed like a stick of dynamite, she was savvy and sexy even into her seventies. She passed down two pieces of advice to my mother and I, which were are now passed to my daughters. I will share one of her very simple but profound


One of my deepest desires is to sit down next to my sister Tammy and tell her how she has shaped my life in such a positive way because of who she was in this life; to thank her for giving me the will, strength and grace to be a survivor no matter what circumstance