Financial Health for Widows

Christmas Decorating Widow Style

Christmas Decorating Widow Style Jennifer Mickelson As an attorney and widow, I’m technically supposed to be writing here about legal issues that we sisters face. But this month, with the holidays quickly approaching, I’ve been reflecting on how I’ve handled the holidays over the past 4 years and thought maybe my own reflections might help

Could Gratitude Make You Richer?

Could Gratitude Make You Richer? Kelly Willis With Thanksgiving approaching, we are encouraged to count our blessings. Even through the sorrows of our grief we can always find some things for which we are grateful. And as it turns out, it’s healing for us to do so. Research has proven the practice of gratitude has

7 ways to haggle and save

7 ways to haggle and save Kelly Willis “When did you last haggle for something?” The question was asked at a dinner party I was at recently and while the conversation was started between two men, I jumped in with, “I haggle all the time!” They seemed surprised. ‘Well, name something,” they pressed.  “Um…my new

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