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Sacred Nesting and Stepping Out

Sacred Nesting and Stepping Out by Carolyn Moore Welcome to APRIL! Goodbye Winter... HELLO SPRING! Spring time is the perfect time to take a look at our spaces and think about shifting and transitioning your spaces which will also positively impact your internal spiritual and soul spaces in life. So spruce up your home, closets,

A Widow Mentor’s Library

A Widow Mentor's Library I'd like to discuss some things that we moor or anchor ourselves to positively and negatively, I wanted to share a little bit of what has been so powerful for me along this journey. Books in my library. I was not an avid reader as a young child, I preferred being

Sacred Nesting

Sacred Nesting by Carolyn Moor This topic is something I hold close to my heart as an interior designer - Sacred Nesting. We say sacred because creating nurturing and supportive spaces around us is more important now in widowhood than ever before in our lives. It's a rebirthing experience that we all go through. When

Resilience and Humility

Resilience and Humility Carolyn Moor As promised, I am writing to you from 'The Eternal City' Rome, Italy. A few years ago, I was blessed with a dear friendship with another widow, Martha, who happens to live part time in Orlando, FL and part time in Rome, Italy. Our friendship has grown over the last

Connection is Key

Connection is Key Carolyn Moor The powerfully healing words 'connect' and 'connection' have been on my mind (and heart) since arriving in Sedona, AZ for our 2nd Annual MWC Chapter Leader Conference and Retreat. I'm blown away by the power of connection and the strength it gives us in our healing journey. Early in my

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