Everything widows want to know about love, relationships and intimacy again.

A Widow’s Valentine For You

A Widow’s Valentine   Despite what you may think, Valentine’s Day will not kill me. It’s a day. I understand the the power of one day, as a number on the Western calendar, not as a chart to base my whole future upon. As a widow, I know how love can literally take your breathe

Vixen or Granny…What’s Your Identity? Discovering Your New Self As A Dating or Remarried Widow

I searched for Widow on Google Images and came up with two stereotypes:  sad, lonely, old ladies in rocking chairs, and young sexpot man-eaters.  It seems that the world has two ideas of what a widow should be, and neither one is very appealing!  I’ve discovered that many widows deal with the challenge of finding

Datable Widow

About a year after I lost my husband I often joked a smoke signal was let out from the chimney by those who loved me that it was now in fact time to get me a date.  Suddenly there were lots of interested prospects circling the injured prey I felt like I had become.  No