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Forget or Forgive

Forget or Forgive ~ Roseline Orwa, World Wide Widows Forgiveness is an act of the great. It sets the prisoner free, and one will discover the prisoner is ‘you’. So many unkind words are spoken when death strikes, friends and family run away. They speak words they don’t mean and unkindly act out of ignorance, or with

What is a Modern Widow?

What is a Modern Widow? Kelley Lynn Being the crazy comedian and writer that I am, and having the odd and often bizarre sense of humor that I have, a conversation with a friend in which I told him I would be writing articles for Modern Widows Club Magazine, ended with him asking very sincerely but with

The Worth of an African Woman

The Worth of an African Woman Roseline Orwa The loss and grief path takes many shapes, bends, colors, and in Africa, our large families means more and more grief, so living at the lakeshore village of Wagoma, where many years later, I would turn up to start a loss and grief centre, death became a

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