Purpose and Meaning for Widows

A Widow Mentor’s Library

A Widow Mentor's Library I'd like to discuss some things that we moor or anchor ourselves to positively and negatively, I wanted to share a little bit of what has been so powerful for me along this journey. Books in my library. I was not an avid reader as a young child, I preferred being

Getting Your Sh*t Together

Getting Your Sh*t Together Carolyn Moor Somewhere in the world, I know you are dealing with some kind of sh*t. That stuff that you don't want to do....but gotta do....but don't wanna do. Ugh. That long, long list of drudgery that you keep putting off for a spring cleaning day....tomorrow.  Well, here's a little secret

What Creates Wisdom: The Research

What Creates Wisdom: The Research Carolyn Moor This month we are discussing the topic of receptivity. It seems that every month when you focus on something, life presents information, experiences that then bring more of that into your world. Recently, I've been realizing that our community is receptive to real, usable wisdom. We want answers

Put Up a Windmill

Put Up a Windmill: Flexibility as a Widow by Carolyn Moor Flexibility in widowhood isn't just about 'going with the flow' - it's about being alert and open to the expansiveness of the state of awareness we are living with. We are able to embrace and make constructive use of this new life stage when

Widow Respect: Imagine!!

Widow Respect: Imagine!! Carolyn Moor Let's explore the combination of what happens when we imagine something new as a widow (and as a community) to express our gratitude towards what may happen when this occurs. Imagination is one area that I have found to be a tremendous stronghold, hold-back & obstacle in widowhood. It's obvious

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