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Saturday Night Widow

Saturday Night Widows By: Becky Aikman After the death of her husband to cancer, Becky Aikman, a young widow in her 40’s, forms a support group with five other women who too have prematurely lost their partners. Meeting monthly over the course of a year they rediscover together what it means to reengage in life

Finding Joy After Loss, My Seven-Step Journey of Transforming Grief into Joy by Vashon Marie Sarkisian

Finding Joy After Loss, My Seven-Step Journey of Transforming Grief into Joy, is one woman's journey to finding her joy after the tragic death of her husband, Patrick James McCarty. Patrick, a well-known natural healer in the macrobiotic world, was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2005. After three years of fighting cancer with both natural

Proof of Heaven: A Neurosurgeon’s Journey into the Afterlife by Eden Alexander, M.D.

Dr. Eden Alexander, a well-known and respected neurosurgeon, contracted a rare (and in most cases fatal) disease: E. coli bacterial meningitis, which sent Alexander into a coma.  Expecting the worst, doctors prepared Alexander’s family for the inevitable, but after seven days comatose, he suddenly woke up. In Proof of Heaven, Alexander takes the reader through

Lemons into Limoncello: From Loss to Personal Renaissance with the Zest of Italy by Author Raeleen D’Agostino Mautner, PhD

New Book Release May 7, 2013 on Amazon  In the beautifully written book Lemons into Limoncello, Mautner calls upon the beauty and depth of her Italian heritage to gently take the reader through healing after personal loss. When Mautner suddenly lost her husband, the Italian rituals and habits she grew up with helped her heal,