Spiritual Health for Widows

What Creates Wisdom: The Research

What Creates Wisdom: The Research Carolyn Moor This month we are discussing the topic of receptivity. It seems that every month when you focus on something, life presents information, experiences that then bring more of that into your world. Recently, I've been realizing that our community is receptive to real, usable wisdom. We want answers

What do you HOPE for?

What do you HOPE for? Carolyn Moor Our new word and theme for June around the MWC is 'Hope'. I'd like to share with you a little 'everyday' miracle that boosted my own personal 'hope' bucket this week. You see, in 2000, I found myself suddenly widowed and raising my daughters at the young ages

Widow Respect: Imagine!!

Widow Respect: Imagine!! Carolyn Moor Let's explore the combination of what happens when we imagine something new as a widow (and as a community) to express our gratitude towards what may happen when this occurs. Imagination is one area that I have found to be a tremendous stronghold, hold-back & obstacle in widowhood. It's obvious

Resilience and Humility

Resilience and Humility Carolyn Moor As promised, I am writing to you from 'The Eternal City' Rome, Italy. A few years ago, I was blessed with a dear friendship with another widow, Martha, who happens to live part time in Orlando, FL and part time in Rome, Italy. Our friendship has grown over the last

Connection is Key

Connection is Key Carolyn Moor The powerfully healing words 'connect' and 'connection' have been on my mind (and heart) since arriving in Sedona, AZ for our 2nd Annual MWC Chapter Leader Conference and Retreat. I'm blown away by the power of connection and the strength it gives us in our healing journey. Early in my

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