GROWTH as a Widowed Woman

GROWTH: I want to share with you this morning my story about growth. In the 15 yrs. since becoming widowed, I've accomplished and failed at many things, hit many goals, fumbled through situations, embarrassed myself and attempted many crazy (and many would say) ridiculous dreams. The whole process of this life is one of powerful

Heroic Mothers as Heroic Fathers

Research from many psychologists indicates the deep value that fathers bring to the world in their families and especially their children's lives. But what happens when there isn't a living father in the case of widowhood? How do we as widows positively impact your child's life in the best way possible in the wake of

#BostonStrong Widow

#BostonStrong Running.  Every couple has that “thing.”   The thing that brought them together in the first place or that they developed as the relationship grew.  For my late husband Stephen and I, it was running.  I met him at the local running club’s marathon training program.  I was training for my first marathon, and he

GOT SPARK? Being a Widow

We are all great “troopers” in this game called life! We have been given a calling that maybe we would rather turn away from. We are Widows; or as I choose to call us Wise, Independent, Devoted, Optimistic, Warriors. Even though we all have our own “part” to perform in life we all play a

Emotions: Death or Life of You?

I was 15 weeks pregnant with our 3rd child when my husband died and our other two were two and five. It's difficult to help children understand their emotions and explain their beliefs when we ourselves struggle to understand our own emotions and beliefs. Because I am their mother, I have been committed for the