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Widow Respect: Imagine!!

Widow Respect: Imagine!! Carolyn Moor Let's explore the combination of what happens when we imagine something new as a widow (and as a community) to express our gratitude towards what may happen when this occurs. Imagination is one area that I have found to be a tremendous stronghold, hold-back & obstacle in widowhood. It's obvious

Thoughts of a Widow Advocate

Thoughts of a Widow Advocate Carolyn Moor There's nothing more joyful than being in love, and there's nothing more traumatic and painful than losing that same person and being left suddenly alone. That's where a nonprofit such as Modern Widows Club brings value to individuals, community and society at large. There are two phenomenons that

Widow Causes & Fundraisers: Why?

Widow Causes & Fundraisers: Why? Carolyn Moor Over three years ago, I found myself inviting 2 widows into my home to mentor, find community and share our stories. Since that time, over 400 widows have crossed the threshold of my doorstep and I've mentored thousands online. It was a simple enough idea and powerful. We'd

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