Learn about widows from global cultures and connect with those sisters who need our advocacy.

Thoughts of a Widow Advocate

There's nothing more joyful than being in love, and there's nothing more traumatic and painful than losing that same person and being left suddenly alone. That's where a nonprofit such as Modern Widows Club brings value to individuals, community and society at large. There are two phenomenons that happen to widows that friends, family, co-workers

Traditions & Ceremonies

As I pen this article, we are 10 days away from marking Christmas. The only one day of the year associated with joy, giving, laughter and holiday cheer but also with lots of traditions that come with the season’s mood. Does an African widow know it is Christmas?  My answer would be ‘YES’, but in

The African Widow

Woe unto the African woman whose husband has been pronounced dead!  The many milestones that mark this journey will leave many speechless, astonished, fearful and crestfallen. Africans are categorized into tribes, and each tribe has its own culture, values and traditions that are often held higher than the laws of the land or the country’s constitution

Bereaved or Abused

Death in itself is a mystery. In Africa it is marked by wailing, crying, ululating, shouting, singing, driving animals frantic, running amok and all manner of grief expression. In Africa we loudly express sorrow and mock death. Relatives, friends and enemies alike begin to troop in to condole with the bereaved family. All the help,

Forget or Forgive

Forgiveness is an act of the great. It sets the prisoner free, and one will discover the prisoner is ‘you’. So many unkind words are spoken when death strikes, friends and family run away. They speak words they don’t mean and unkindly act out of ignorance, or with malice in their hearts. However, in the

Setting Your Own Pace

In this life I have learnt, that a lot of acts that take the most us, are the ones the world never gets to know. I overcame depression in this similar way. For many nights, I struggled with my losses, childlessness, pains, voices from the past, voices of abuse, neglect and stigma from family and

The Worth of an African Woman

The loss and grief path takes many shapes, bends, colors, and in Africa, our large families means more and more grief, so living at the lakeshore village of Wagoma, where many years later, I would turn up to start a loss and grief centre, death became a common visitor. My family experienced so many deaths