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Seattle and Kirkland, WA ~ a neighboring suburb of Seattle. Seattle is surrounded with lakes, mountains, and the beautiful Puget Sound. We are honored to host a national chapter of Modern Widows Club.

Led by Chapter Leader Cindy Toledo, the MWC Seattle (West) Chapter meets for an MWC Social Hour every second Friday of each month. The Seattle/Kirkland (East) Chapter meets every third Friday of each month. Everyone brings a dish or a drink and has the chance to mingle, catch up with old friends, as well as meet new ladies.

It’s a friendly group of women who engage in fascinating, thought-provoking, positive conversation that can only be experienced by widows who show up and ask ‘What Now?’ “Modern,” for us, means, “Living for today while honoring yesterday.” We have widows who range from ages 20 through 80 and every person’s voice is precious and valuable. We are a widow’s mentoring organization so every voice matters. It’s a space to laugh, cry, contemplate, and dream. Come as you are and leave when you need to–it’s that casual.

Every widow needs a place where others ‘get it’. We’ll see you soon.

Please, email Cindy Toledo with any questions at

We recognize walking into a room of complete strangers takes a lot of courage, but just know that every  person you meet has faced that same circumstance. You won’t be strangers for long and find the most compassionate and understanding group of women in Seattle.

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