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The Seminole County Chapter of the Modern Widows Club was founded to meet the growing demand for connection with our ‘wisters’ (widowed sisters) in Seminole and Volusia Counties. They meet the 2nd Wednesday of the month at Chapter Leader Joanne Fink’s Residence, Longwood, FL 32750. Everyone is welcome.

Located in the heart of sunny, central Florida, Seminole County is a north-eastern suburb of Orlando. Home to Disneyworld, Universal Studios and special because the Modern Widows Club began in Orlando in 2011 in the fall of 2011 when Carolyn Moor invited two of her widowed friends to a quiet MWC “Social Hour” on January of 2012.  They showed up and, well, the rest is history! Seminole County will be the second Orlando based chapter of MWC. Contact this chapter at:

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Chapter Leader Joanne Fink:

Joanne is a designer, author, teacher and best-selling author with more than a million books in print, Joanne Fink founded Zenspirations as a way of sharing her passion for lettering, drawing and writing inspiring sentiments. Joanne’s husband, business partner and best-friend died unexpectedly of a heart attack in August of 2011, two days before their son’s 12th birthday; 9 days before their daughter turned 17. It took months before she regained a sense of equilibrium. A greeting card designer and writer by profession, Joanne kept a series of grief journals which chronicled her feelings about loss. In October of 2014 she did a Kickstarter to raise money to self-publish the book, When You Lose Someone You Love, and donates a portion of the proceeds to the Modern Widows Club. “MWC made a huge difference in my life after my husband died, and I’m blessed to be able to give back so MWC can make a difference in the lives of other widows. This book is a gift of comfort for those who have lost someone they love. My hope is that it will help people who are grieving know that they are not alone.”

A passionate advocate for artist’s rights, Joanne has a long history of community service. She was the Founding President of the international Association for the Calligraphic Arts, and was one of the Founding Board Members of the New York-based American Guild of Judaic Art. She served on the Board of Directors of the Greeting Card Association from 2001 – 2009, and before that served as President of the Foundation for the Calligraphic Arts. She also co-chaired the Craft and Hobby Association’s License & Design Advisory Board for several years. Most recently she has been named to the Board of the Modern Widows Club, a mentoring organization for widows (

Joanne works out of her Orlando area Studio, which she founded after graduating from the University of Pennsylvania in 1981. When she is not drawing, Joanne enjoys spending time with her family and friends, reading, singing, walking ten thousand steps a day…and inspiring others to create beauty in the world.

DSC_0003Co-Leader Terri Misek:

Terri is an award winning realtor with a passion for helping seniors and families transition from one living situation to another. The mother of two children, Joshua, who lives in Jacksonville and works for Meryl Lynch, and Sari, a college student at UCF who is studying to become an event planner, Terri was widowed in 2013, after nursing her husband through a long illness. In her spare time Terri enjoys nature, going to the beach, and sharing quiet moments with family and friends.


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