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We’ve been meeting in Dallas since 2011 and are very excited to become a part of a national organization where we can share collective knowledge and experiences.  Dallas is full of vibrant, engaging and inspirational widowed women ready to support other widows through this difficult time of transition and on to the next part of a wonderful journey.

 Every woman’s passage is uniquely hers. The mission of  The MWC Dallas Chapter is to support widows through education and introduction to local and national resources, as well as to provide peer support from other widows who have made the journey before her.

About Dallas Chapter Leader Joy Kirsch and Co-Leader Nanci Masso: 

Joy & Nanci

Joy Kirsch & Nanci Masso became fast friends in 2010 when they discovered they shared a common life event: they were both widowed. Over the years, they have shared many joys and tears as they’ve reinvented themselves and written their new stories as single working women. Joy is still in awe of Nanci’s ability to keep all the balls in the air with five children and Nanci is inspired by Joy’s unwavering commitment to support and encourage other widows as they reinvent themselves. They both recognize the importance of community and want to provide a safe, inviting forum for widows to share their stories. “We lean on each other and we learn from each other. We all benefit from the shared experiences of women who have walked in our shoes.”

How did The Widow’s Journey and Joy Kirsch find MWC?

When Carolyn Moor was dreaming about what would become Modern Widows Club, she knew she wanted to create a newsletter that included pertinent topics for widows, like how to navigate through legal and financial matters. Carolyn discovered that Joy Kirsch shared her passion and was already attempting to help widows make good financial decisions through her vocation as a Certified Financial Planner™ and her avocation, the non-profit group, The Widow’s Journey in Dallas. Carolyn invited Joy to write a financial article for the MWC newsletter.

Joy has followed the growth of MWC with a sense of awe and appreciation as Carolyn has managed to bring so many of her own hopes and dreams into a reality: a national movement with a blog and videos, providing hope and inspiration to so many women travelling this path. She is honored to merge the two groups and looks forward to the synthesis that will naturally follow.

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