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Every woman’s experience is different and uniquely hers so the Birmingham MWC Chapter was launched in 2017, to meet socially in a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere to listen, encourage, support and empower fellow widows of all ages in Birmingham and the surrounding cities. It is easier to go through this new way of ‘life” called widowhood with woman who understand and have “been there”. We can listen to others testimonies and challenges and realize we are not “crazy” after all it is just part of the grief journey. We need to be able to talk to women that empathize with us instead of sympathize. We do not need anybody’s sympathy that is not why we are here. We are here because we are compassionate for others and want to empower them to get out and “live life again”! Widowhood is an overwhelming journey and we are here to laugh, cry and hold your hand through it all. Hope to see you soon!

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Leader:  Mary W.
Leader: Martha Jo S. (Jo)

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Leader:  Bonnie W. (on temporary medical respite)

My story as a widow really starts the day he died. I immediately was aware that I did not know who I was or could become without him. We were married 46 years, and close for 50. Most of my life. This journey has been one of discovery. In the extreme sense! On Facebook I found Modern Widows Club in 2010. I began to follow and communicate with Carolyn Moor. I found widowed friends all over this country. I could be honest with all and tell about my miseries and pain. We formed online friendships. I think I joined the Private Conversation site in 2013 and that led into a ministry of encouragement. I continue this to this day. In 2015, I applied and was accepted as a Leader for a Chapter. Life interrupted and some delays ensued. Yet, not all discouraged I attended the Leadership Conference in Seattle in 2016…and it sealed the deal for me. This organization is where I will donate my time, my money and my influence for the continued betterment for Widows.Widowed and now in my 9th year. My husband was my biggest advocate and still is to this day. I know he is happy I am involving myself to Leadership for Modern Widows Club and I feel his presence and cheers everyday.