MWC West Houston/Katy Chapter meet at Chapelwood United Methodist Church, located at 11140 Greenbay St, Houston, TX 77024, every 3rd Tuesday of the month.  Anyone in the Houston/Katy area is invited to join us.

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Leader:  Natalie Lancaster

Natalie became a widow in 2011. After an internet search, deep in my despair, looking for hope, she found Carolyn Moor, the founder of Modern Widows Club.  Carolyn rescued me and helped me move towards new life. She gave me hope! She saved me. The more she helped me grow out of despair and helped me walk into the light of my new life, the more I knew I had to lead a chapter for our city. “We desperately need it. I’m part of a Twins Club organization and of the 12 Members, we now have three widows. I was beginning to see widows all around me struggling with all with different kinds of loss, different problems, different backgrounds, cultures, financial situations; and they all desperate needed help. A hand to hold, an book to read, a mentor and most of all, a friend that understands this unique journey. I wanted to be that friend to them…”

We plan to give hope to widows in our community.  We want to lend a hand, to be that friend to someone who needs it so desperately. We don’t have all the answers to all the questions, but we can help you in your journey. If you’re a widow, please come and join us. Together we will move forward to be all that we were meant to be in our new life…

Being a widow is a unique journey. Losing your husband after a marriage is like losing a piece of yourself. You are so accustomed to seeing yourself in the role of wife, partner, soul mate; then suddenly you find yourself standing alone — all alone. Maybe you have children, and maybe you don’t. No matter what you have had; it’s gone, lost forever, never to return. It seems so overwhelming, hopeless and the hardest part is that you no longer know WHO YOU ARE… who am I without HIM??? Our identity has been a part of the marriage, the partner, that spouse for so long you have to try to find a way to find yourself; to recreate yourself to become a brand new you that you have never known, someone you have never met before.  That’s were Modern Widows Club can help. It’s a social support club. We don’t have all the answers, but we have walked YOUR walk and we can walk your walk with you. You don’t have to be alone.

Chapter Co-Leader: Darlene Hill

Bio to come soon