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Join Chapter Leaders Leslie H., Elizabeth G. and Ryonda H. for a special evening of sharing, bonding and widow sisterhood every 2nd Monday of the month. Whether you are newly widowed, have been widowed for over 20 years or if you have since remarried/ partnered, all are welcome. You can find more information on the Kansas City MWC Meet-Up page.


It all began with a google search, a stumble upon the MWC site, and an action to inquire about a chapter in the area, in the spring of 2012. A sisterhood and friendship ensued between founder, Carolyn Moor, and original Kansas City leader, Jodie R., followed by a divine happenstance meeting while Jodie was visiting Orlando with her family. Neither of us, having been through these uncharted waters, had not much clue on the how or when but one thing remained clear – the why. Trusting in divine and perfect time we had our first Kansas City “Social Hour” in October of 2012.

“Modern,” for us, means, “Living for today while honoring yesterday.” We currently have widows who range from ages 26 through 65+ and every person’s voice is precious and valuable. It’s a space to laugh, cry, contemplate, dream, and empower leaving all judgments at the door. Come as you are and leave when you need to–it’s that casual.

  Meet our Leaders

Chapter Leader- Elizabeth G.

Pregnant and with a young child, Elizabeth became widowed after the death of her 31 year-old husband. As an experienced Social Worker, she knew the value of support groups and therapeutic interventions. She worked many years helping families through their grief journeys and now was traveling her own. She found Modern Widows Club and began attending their meetings.  She was empowered by the support of the chapter leaders, Jodie R. and Tammy E., and knew that she wanted to be able to offer support to other Kansas City widows.  Two years later, a Chapter leadership role became available and she accepted the opportunity. Elizabeth hopes to continue to grow the services offered through the chapter to further connect, support and embolden others widows.

Chapter Leader – Leslie H.

When people ask about losing my husband, I always reply, “I lost my Compass. But I’m trying to find my way.” I was widowed 3 years ago when a new nurse mistakenly flushed his sterile temporary dialysis port instead of his IV. My strong, handsome, talented husband… the man I’d given my kidney to 11 years prior, the boy I’d known since grade school, the marriage we’d devoted our lives to, was over. Randy was dead of massive septic shock 48 hours later. MWC has been the only grief resource I’ve found that provides the encouragement and empowerment needed to live a life of purpose and hope after personal tragedy. I received the validation they understood my fears and feelings of loss. They helped me believe in myself when I had lost all direction and hope.