Our chapter is nestled in the most beautiful area of Tennessee. We are a diverse group of widows with backgrounds and stories that will make you feel welcome and appreciated right where you are.   

Our goal is to provide you with a place to feel safe, welcome and without expectation. Building a culture of empowered women who lift of others is a gift we can all benefit from.


  • Chapters are currently meeting virtually. Contact the Chapter Leaders for meeting location and details.
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Chapter Leader – Jennifer C. 

Born and raised on Long Island in New York and newly transplanted in Bellevue TN.  I am an avid reader and music fan, I am also the mother of Twenty year old twin girls from a very difficult first Marriage. My late husband Jim was my beautiful Chapter two.

Jim and I met several years post-divorce and fell for each other instantly.  We had a whirl wind relationship that ended way too soon.  On January 16, 2014 while out for an early morning run he was hit and killed in a hit and run accident. We had been married for a year and three months, and together just under three years.

Shortly after the accident I decided that I needed to find some sort of support from someone or something other than my family.  They were doing the best they could but let’s face it they had no idea what I was really going through. I started a web search for support groups and stumbled upon the Modern Widow’s Group.  To me the name said it all.  It wasn’t some old fashioned approach that couldn’t relate to today’s social and financial struggles.  So I joined! The area didn’t have a chapter yet but in reading what I could on the website and joining the Facebook page was helpful.  Shortly after a chapter was launched on Long Island and I was able to meet a few ladies as well as Carolyn.  Unfortunately the meetings were a far drive for me as at the time I was living on the far eastern point of the Island and the meetings were on the other end so I only made a few but I had the connections.

Fast forward four plus years, I decided that I just couldn’t make it on LI so I moved here to Nashville and to my happy surprise discovered that MWC was going to launch a chapter in my new hometown. I am still not sure how but very quickly I decided that I wanted to help and volunteered to be the Co-leader of the new chapter.

I am looking forward to this new beginning and making new friendships with my fellow Wisters.

Chapter Leader – Rebecca R.

What brought me to the Modern Widow’s Group:  I was married for seven years, produced a wonderful son and then divorced.  Four years later I married an older man with three adult children.  After 14 years of marriage, he passed from cancer at age 59.   Completely broken and alone, a wonderful man I dated 18 years prior appeared in my life.  He too had lost a spouse to cancer and we found our soul mates.  Again, after 14 years of marriage and my recent retirement, he died suddenly April 18, 2018, and I was totally alone again.  This time, I had no job and no children to care for.

I had known Carolyn Moor professionally for 16 years and she immediately reached out to me.  Her sincere, loving concern showed me there was a life after the loss of two husbands.  I joined the group and want to be as active as possible.   To me, this is the only way to truly experience and learn from others.  I am thrilled a Nashville chapter has been launched and I’m anxious to learn from my Wisters.  I was born in Nashville and lived my entire life here.  I love Nashville and would not dream of moving away.  I have family to support me, but I need the support and friendship that I believe the Modern Widow’s Group can provide.



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