MWC is headquartered in Orlando, Florida where it all began in the fall of 2011 when Carolyn Moor invited two of her widowed friends to a quiet MWC “Social Hour” on January of 2012.  They showed up and, well, the rest is history! The Central Florida Chapter is open to widows of all ages within the Central Florida/Orlando area.

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  Meet our Leaders

Leader: Vashon Sarkisian

Vashon is a mother, cook, organic gardener, world traveler, friend, seeker, author and urban designer. When she is not planning communities, or raising her son, Kean, she spends her time creating community more personally by sitting on various neighborhood boards and volunteering for causes she is passionate about.

In 2011, Vashon attended the first MWC meeting after losing her husband in 2008. She found comfort, love and support in bonding with women who shared the same story. Vashon is excited to be giving back to this amazing organization and looks forward to supporting these women as they journey with the loss of their beloveds.

Chapter Co-Leader – Durga Landry

 “The tragedy of life is not death but what we let die inside of us while we live” -Norman Cousins

We have widows who range from ages 20 through 80 and every person’s voice is precious and valuable. It’s a space to laugh, cry, contemplate, and dream.  Come as you are and leave when you need to – it’s that casual.

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