Welcome to the Chapter of Sisterly Love! Philadelphia, fondly referred to as the city of “Brotherly Love”, is our nation’s birthplace and home of the Liberty Bell, the famed “Rocky Steps”, soft pretzels, phenomenal cheese steaks, and the most passionate sports fans you could possibly find.


  • The Philadelphia Chapter is on hiatus while the leaders take care of some personal family business. The group will still meet on occasion for social events. Contact the Philadelphia Chapter MeetUp for upcoming events.
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  Meet our Leaders

Leader: Jawanna Martinez

Jawanna Martinez is a Client Relationship Manager at Nexxt, Inc., located in the King of Prussia area. When not busy with the role of mom/dad, chef, and chauffeur, she enjoys cycling, camping & hiking, creative writing and trips to the theater.

“ I never would have imagined that my life would “be” what it is today. The future that I had envisioned for my family suddenly disappeared when my husband, Jon, unexpectedly passed away in November 2010. Within a blink of an eye, every aspect of my life turned upside down. My reality shattered into a million pieces, and I had to quickly figure out which of those pieces to pick up and reassemble before I’d even had the chance to choke down the hard truth that I’d just lost the love of my life and that all of those epic “life moments” I’d imagined for us would never exist.

Thankfully, I was fortunate enough to have a support system that helped me navigate the basics of life in the weeks following Jon’s death. Unfortunately, there are many women out there just like me who do not have that support. As time passes, the world continues to move forward while we remain stuck –  still trying to fit those pieces back together somehow.

Society often assumes that once a certain number of days or months have passed that grieving is over. The reality? Grieving the loss of a life partner lasts forever, and learning how to overcome the challenges and obstacles that follow never stop – whether it’s been 5 days, 5 months, or 5 years.

By becoming leader of the Philadelphia Area chapter of the Modern Widows Club my goal is to advocate and speak for those that are often forgotten by society. Our community needs a place for widows to come together and find the support that they so desperately need.

I want to serve my community and encourage those that I serve to do the same. I want to educate our communities and advocate for widows around the world. I want to give women, much like myself, a place to find comfort, support, and understanding amongst those that know their struggle best. I want to turn my sisters of circumstance into sisters for life.”

Chapter Co-Leader – Diane Kasacavage

Diane was widowed when her husband of 13 years passed away from cancer in 2013. Diane first learned of Modern Widow’s Club right after her husband passed away, but there was no local group. She is extremely excited to work with Jawanna to set up a local support group! We all know we’re dealing with a “new normal” in our lives after loss, and every day it’s new and different. As her children age, she is presented with new challenges to overcome. Diane’s focus is on making every day better for herself and her children – from remembering to get out and play a little to making herself a better person.


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