Seattle is surrounded with lakes, mountains, and the beautiful Puget Sound. We have combined our East and West Seattle chapters into one, with more opportunities to meet during the month.

Seattle Chapter meets on the 2nd Friday of each month
with one social monthly usually on the 3rd or 4th Saturday.
Contact Becky for information and details.

“Modern,” for us, means, “Living for today while honoring yesterday.” We have widows who range from ages 20 through 80 and every person’s voice is precious and valuable. We are a widow’s mentoring organization so every voice matters. It’s a space to laugh, cry, contemplate, and dream. Come as you are and leave when you need to–it’s that casual. Every widow needs a place where others ‘get it’.

We recognize walking into a room of complete strangers takes a lot of courage, but just know that every person you meet has faced that same circumstance. You won’t be strangers for long and find the most compassionate and understanding group of women in Seattle.

We will not have our meeting on Friday Aug 9, however we will be meeting August 17th and 24th for some social time. Contact Becky for more details on events.
August 17– Family picnic at Edmonds City Park, 4:00 pm
August 24- Social at Scott’s Restaurant in Edmonds, 4:00 pm

  Meet our Leaders

Leader:  Rebecca Rodda

Becky lost her husband of 45 years in 2014 to a brain tumor and lung cancer.  They were living across from Seattle in a small waterfront community of Kingston, Wa.  and John, her husband had semi retired.  John and Becky have 2 grown children and now Becky has 5 grandchildren under the age of 10.  When John was sick in 2009 and had 7 brain surgeries, Becky had stage 3 breast cancer and being bald from chemo would visit him in the hospital every day for 3 months.  Then by God’s grace both Becky and John were healed and John was given 5 more years and the great joy of walking his daughter down the aisle and a trip to Jerusalem.  In 2014, John was diagnosed with lung cancer which metastasized to his brain tumor.  Becky was also diagnosed with a second breast cancer unrelated to the first. John died on his mother’s birthday.   Since then, Becky has moved back to Seattle to be closer to her children and grandchildren, is leading a Bible study and singing with the Cathedral Choir in her church and a traveling choir.  She will be going to Croatia, Hungary, Slovenia and Italy with Wanderlust Choir of Seattle very soon.  She also enjoys seeing her grandchildren every week and attending their performances and baseball games.

Co-Leaders: Sandy Johnson and Carol Johnson 

Bios to come soon