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10420273_687773414605907_2618147202693747047_nModern Widows Club serves to empower underserved, yet deserving widows. Make a difference today!


Problem Challenge: “Currently, there are 12 million widows in the U.S., 245 million widows globally and about 585 million children who are directly affected. Widows from across the globe have been historically undervalued, stigmatized, isolated and deemed voiceless socially, economically, emotionally, and spiritually. Modern Widows Club is committed to being advocates to give widows a voice, enable and empower them to move forward and become vital members of society once again able to thrive”.
Mission Statement: ”We serve to empower widows to lean into life, build resilience and release their potential to make a positive difference in the society”. 
MWC Widow Quote- “I actually had no idea about how life altering becoming a widow was until I found myself becoming one. In one breathe, everything I believed about myself disappeared. I went from being seen as a married woman to being known only as a grieving widow. The impact is indescribable. I needed to find others who understood this and ask a lot of safe and confidential questions”.

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MWC Members = 3000+
USA Widows = 12 Million
Global Widows = 245 Million
MWC National Chapters = 9 (22 Volunteer Leaders)
MWC Chapter Wait List = 150

We serve 15,000 widows a day.

Our widows are interfaith, all ages, races, backgrounds and circumstances. We are successful in 3 ways: unify and connect widows; train leaders, mentors and build communities; raise social awareness and advocacy.  Learn more in this January 2015 article and video.

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Screen Shot 2015-02-06 at 9.49.05 AMSince widow mentoring is part educational, part inspirational, every call-to-action within our organization matters to the renewed life our community is building each day. It takes experts, advisory councils, board of directors, local widowed leaders, sponsors, volunteers and executive directors.

We are a young organization that operates like an old soul. Your yearly memberships and contributions go 85% directly towards program development, operations and chapter growth.

Currently, there are few programs for widows that nurture their journey scientifically and practically. We hope to continue to explore how to do that better. Please give today. For comments or questions email us at: 


Future Dreams:

MWC Annual Leader’s Event- all of our Leadership Teams under One roof, One weekend for One mission: Moving forward while Reaching Back together. Our leaders are the cornerstone of our organization. Upcoming 2016/ Seattle, WA. Former: 2015 Sedona, AZ, 2014 Sedona, AZ

    • We need sponsors for this important weekend of training for our chapter leader teams. The bonding and support that occurs internally within the leadership circle benefits each community served in the field. This event is attended by all our leadership teams. 


  • When you invest in a widow leader, you touch the lives of 1000′s of widows in their hometown across our amazing nation.

MWC TV Show, Documentary and Shorts- A way to reach others visually with cinematography by sharing our community story. Are you a film maker? We are perfect to capture if you are looking for a beauty from ashes story to share: In Negotiations. 

~ MWC Credit Union: To allow widow(er)s to contribute towards and receive assistance financially when needed for those in fragile credit standing. To date, there aren’t any statistics on how many widows lose their homes, how many are homeless or struggle by losing any kind of credit standing. But from our personal conversations, the numbers are high.

~ MWC College Scholarship Foundation: To enable and assist college bound kids who have lost a parent. Currently, SSI survivor benefits end upon high school graduation for children of widows causing even more financial hardships. But this was not always the case. Between 1965-1999, students, and therefore parents, were given a continuum of  SSI survivors benefits until college graduation to a 4 yr. institution. This support is vital during the college years in order to secure a bright academic future and work force placement. Now, these widows lose all support prior to college and must financially support their college-aged kids, as well as, pay for college without the support and often times face major difficulty accessing loans. The result is catastrophic socially. We’d like to approach lobbyist who will listen and open up to hearing and creating legislative changes around widows issues.

Read more:

~ MWC ‘Widow(er) Power’ Interview Series: We want to hear wisdom from widows: Katie Couric, Yoko Ono, Laurene Powell Jobs, Christy Walton, Lisa Niemi, Rita Moreno, Priscilla Presley, Donna Karan, Terri Irwin, Candace Bergen, Mary Bono, Iris Fontbona, Angela Lansbury, Judith Belushi Pisano, Kathryn Crosby, Ann Druyan, Olivia Harrison, Courtney Love, Rita Marley, Gail Zappa, Barbara Sinatra, Ethel Kennedy, Nancy Reagan, Happy Rockefeller, Rachel Robinson; and widowers: Ryan O’Neal, Liam Nesson, Bob Barker, William Shatner, Paul McCartney, Billy Graham, etc.

~ MWC Catastrophic ‘Rapid Response Travel Team’: We want to create an MWC ‘RRTT’ for catastrophic events where widows are bombarded with media, logistical struggles and bring strength, comfort, guidance and an ongoing unique mentorship forged in the worst of times. A team of 4-5 widows with tenure who will show up quickly, manage any tough duties at hand in protective favor of the new widows who are often torn in a million directions as they face their worst nightmares. Once we receive our NPO status, we hope to partner with Red Cross and the like to make this possible.

~ MWC Mission Trips- To support and empower world-wide widowed communities with our time, woman power and presence.

~ MWC Influential Investing- P2P and Crowd funding for widows/ widower projects: We want to encourage peer to peer involvement with organizations which give increased opportunities and life enhancement for worldwide widows. Micro-lending and loans can drastically improve overall life.

Great Examples: Kiva, Global Giving, Indiegogo, GoFundMe, Kickstarter. 1- Use their filters, 2-  Type WIDOW in their search bar, 3- Select a widow to micro fund.

A widow is waiting to be given a small chance today. 15 Widows Currently Funded on Kiva, 1 on GoFundMe, 2 on Kickstarter

~ MWC Influence- Greeting Card Industry- We’d like for them to consider altering the title ‘Sympathy’ for ‘Empathy’ for this type of card. Why? Because it presents a completely exclusive vs. an inclusive connotation. When we sympathize, we send signals of pity or sorrow for someone else’s misfortune. Yet when we empathize, we send signals of understanding and  the ability to share feelings. A much more compassionate and appreciated approach when offering a sentimental gesture.

~ MWC Advocacy Arm- We’d like to challenge corporations and organizations to be transparent about their grief protocol when an employee loses a spouse. Exactly what kind of process occurs after this happens? If they don’t have one, to please create one and make it a part of the employee handbook.

We’d like to know why AARP offers married women free memberships connected with their husbands account, yet when they become widowed, they do not receive a discount and are asked to pay for a full membership at a time when many people lose income and endure hardship. Discounts are very much needed.  We are constantly challenging the status quo on many issues by tweeting, posting on social media until we receive basic explanations and answers.

~ MWC ‘W’ School- Collaborative Experts creating local workshops to mentor, educate, inform and inspire our MWC Community monthly. Topics: Wellbeing, Health, Finance, Legal, Accounting, Music, Movies, Family Topics, Travel, Relationships, Nutrition, Interior Spaces, Fashion/ Style, Makeovers, Spirit/ Faith, Meditation, Philanthropy, Social Media, Computer Technology, Books, Coupon Shopping, Car Repairs, Safety and Forums.

~ MWC ‘Generosity Tree’- At traditional holidays like Christmas, Hanukkah and Kwanzaa a chance for donors to ‘gift’ our widows with a special something of their own wish.

MWC ‘Hire a Widow’ Campaign- A network and campaign to post, submit and connect your company with educated, viable future employees from our widowed database.

We can dream, right? Right.