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We’re women. We’re widows. We’re thrivers!  We’re mothers, grandmothers, daughters, granddaughters, aunts, sisters, neighbors, friends and families.  We’re a community. We’re a movement.
We may have lost our loved one, but we have not lost our zest for life and we strive to make an impact on someone else who may be going through the same struggles. That is what makes Modern Widows Club such a unique and vibrant organization.



In 2010, the United Nations recognized June 23rd as International Widows Day and have been honoring widows on that day ever since. It’s not widely known but we are raising awareness about this special day to help celebrate the strength and resilience that IS a widow in today’s world. There are local events planned throughout the  U.S., our chapters, and widow groups. Ask your local city government, local religious institutions and widow organizations if they are recognizing International Widows Day and what they plan to do!

Please help us spread the word about International Widows Day! Share our Youtube Video below with your friends, family and on social media platforms.

International Widows Day Video