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    Houston Chapter

    Modern Widows Club – Houston Chapter

    We meet at St. John the Divine, on River oaks, just off Westheimer in the heart of Houston, every 2nd Thursday of each month on at 6:30pm. Please join …

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    Orlando Chapter

    About Orlando Chapter Located in the heart of sunny, central Florida, Orlando is best known for Disney World, orange groves, and alligators. It was also the birthplace of Modern Widows Club in 2011.  MWC is …

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    South Central/South Eastern Wisconsin Chapter

    It is the home to a Modern Widows Club chapter guided by leader, Annette Vogel Cox and Co-leader, Karla Simpson.  The original chapter leaders became acquainted during a parent-teacher conference at the high school Annette’…

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    Seattle Chapter

    Seattle and Kirkland, WA ~ a neighboring suburb of Seattle. Seattle is surrounded with lakes, mountains, and the beautiful Puget Sound. We are honored to host a national chapter of Modern Widows Club.
    Led by Chapter …

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    Kansas City Chapter

    Kansas City, MO ~
    It all began with a google search, a stumble upon the MWC site, and an action to inquire about a chapter in the area, in the spring of 2012. A sisterhood and …

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    Philadelphia Area Chapter


    Welcome to the Chapter of Sisterly Love! Philadelphia, fondly 

    referred to as the city of “Brotherly Love”, is our nation’s birthplace and home of the Liberty Bell, the famed “Rocky Steps”, soft pretzels, …

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    Woodlands Area Chapter

    Woodlands Area Chapter ~
    The Woodlands Area is found about 30 miles north of Houston. It is nestled among acres of heavily forested state parks with a humid subtropical climate.

    Chapter contact: WoodlandsMWC@modernwidowsclub.com 



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    Oklahoma City, OK Chapter

    Welcome to the Oklahoma City Chapter!
    Our Mission Statement: We serve to empower widows to “lean into life”, build resilience and release their potential to make a positive difference in the world. “Rising Up, through …

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    What's New

    Northern Chesapeake Maryland Chapter

    The Northern Chesapeake Chapter of MWC is an open group for women in widowhood of all ages, beliefs, backgrounds and experiences.  The chapter is focused on being casual and conversational and a part of the …

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    What's New

    Greenville, SC Chapter

     With Reedy River rushing through the town and the Blue Ridge Mountains close by, Greenville is definitely one of the hidden gems of the South. Falls Park is located downtown in the city’s historic West …

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    NW Houston/Katy Chapter

    MWC NW Houston/Katy Chapter will have our first meeting on  Our first meeting will be on Wednesday, Feb. 15th at 6:30 pm.

    We will meet at Emmanuel Episcopal Church on 15015 Memorial Dr, …

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    The Dallas Chapter

    Join Dallas Modern Widows Club Events- Click HERE.
    or Contact Chapter Leader Joy D. Kirsch at joy@modernwidowsclub.com
    We’ve been meeting in Dallas since 2011 and are very excited to become a part …

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    Central OH Chapter

    Welcome to Central OH MWC Chapter
    Our meetings are the first Thursday of every month.  We meet at 7-9pm at a private residence where we can relax and kick off our shoes. Refreshments provided.  Please …

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    Greater Chicagoland Chapter

    About Greater Chicagoland Chapter:  On beautiful Lake Michigan in Illinois,Chicago is among the largest cities in the U.S. known for its picturesque skyline, expansive museums and cultural institutions, world-class theatre, sports and art, …

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    Seminole County, FL Chapter

    The Seminole County Chapter of the Modern Widows Club was founded to meet the growing demand for connection with our ‘wisters’ (widowed sisters) in Seminole and Volusia Counties. They meet the 2nd Wednesday of the …

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    North Atlanta Chapter

    North Atlanta Chapter has relaunching our monthly meetings. We will meet on the second Tuesday of each month, from 7-9 p.m.,  at Sterling Estates, 3165 Dallas Highway, Marietta, GA.

    WHEN: Every Second Tuesday of …

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    Minneapolis West Chapter

    Waconia, MN ~ After losing her husband Mike in 2011 after a lengthy battle with Melanoma, Chapter Leader Lyn Kienholz was searching for like-minded women to whom she could relate; that were also looking for ways …

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Your Local MWC Chapters

North Atlanta, GA 

Greater Chicagoland, IL

Northern Chesapeake, MD

Dallas, TX

Greenville, SC

Houston, TX

NW Houston/Katy, TX

Central/Eastern WI

Kansas City, MO

West Minneapolis, MN

Central Ohio, OH

Oklahoma City, OK

Orlando, FL

Philadelphia Area, PA

Seattle (Westside and Eastside), WA

Seminole County (Longwood), FL

Woodlands Area, TX



Start Your Own Licensed MWC Chapter

Launching your own chapter is the beginning of a heroic path. It’s an opportunity to rally together and mentor widows community-wide. It’s the connection point. Are you ready?

MWC was founded in 2011 in this same way. Our dreams as a mentoring organization began with one humble step, one evening in Orlando, Florida. Since then, we have continued to expand towards our ultimate goal– connecting widows all over the world finding their kindred sisters who understand, educate, mentor and care deeply for each other. Together we change the collective consciousness in this widowed experience.  We see you as secret heroes and graceful warriors.


The Licensed MWC Chapter Structure:

Each chapter consists of a Team: One Chapter Leader and 1-2 Co-leaders.

  • Chapter Leader must be beyond her 2 year Angel-versary. Co-Leaders beyond 1 yr.
  • All team members must have official  MWC Memberships
  • 1 yr. Commitment Required

What MWC Chapters Receive?

  • Screen Shot 2015-09-05 at 10.20.21 AMScreen Shot 2015-09-05 at 10.23.14 AMmwc-logoMWC License to use legal Trademarked Name and Logo
  • MWC Chapter Webpage
  • MWC Social Hour Protocol Materials
  • MWC FB Local Private Page to connect/ talk
  • MWC FB Private Page with other national Chapter Teams (So many ideas happen here!!)
  • MWC 250 Cards with Trademarked Logo/ yr
  • MWC  Monthly Inspirational Video for sharing at Chapter Social Hour
  • MWC Personal 1:1 Training/ Support from MWC Founder
  • MWC Personalized Webmail Address for Leader- Example: you@modernwidowsclub.com
  • MWC Invitation to the Annual “Leadership Conference & Retreat” (2016 Seattle) (Previous 2014 & 2015 Sedona)
  • MWC Press Release Template and Social Media Blasts
  • MWC MOU and Insurance
  • MWC Licensing to use MWC’s Trademarked Name


MWC Investment: Chapter Fee

$1000 Annually – Tax Deductible: Your chapter fee goes towards organization and trademark license, insurance, web page set-up, name cards, email and annual leadership conference. This may be paid via:

  • Community Fundraising or Sponsorship
  • Personally split between leadership team members
  • In-Kind Donation from friends, family, organization, corporation or church

We have seen all of these scenarios. Why? So many communities want a widows outreach, but they don’t know how to launch, maintain and support! IMG_3148 Example: HoustonWest Minneapolis and North Atlanta Chapters approached their churches and they provided the chapter fee since they longed for a widow’s outreach. Another example: Seattle Chapter had to wait over a year since the chapter leader was newly widowed and not at the 2 year mark. We mentored her long distance until she was ready. Currently, all of these chapters have extraordinary, very connected sisterhoods that serve their community of widows. Seattle is so large it has recently split into two areas of the city. We currently have 9 well established chapters, yet, since 2011 we’ve received over 150 community requests. Finding committed widow leaders and dedicated teams is our biggest challenge. We are here to educate, train, mentor and support that choice if you are a widow hoping to serve others.

MWC Licensed Chapter Request Form: 

Step 1-

Read our ‘Become a Chapter’ Page. Submit your Chapter Request if this sounds like YOU! Include:

    Comments or questions are welcome.

    * indicates required field

Step 2-

We will set up the initial interview after receiving this email.

Step 3- 

Your first phone interview will happen once scheduled with MWC Chapter Coordinator.

Step 4- 

MWC Founder Carolyn Moor will interview you personally in this second stage of the interview process.

Step 5-

You will be notified personally by MWC Founder Carolyn Moor after the MWC Board of Directors review. A ‘Yes’ or ‘Not Now’ wait status will be determined. If ‘Yes’, the Set-Up process begins, if ‘Not Now’ we invite you to our MWC Club Membership for further mentoring online until the timing is right.

“We believe that if you have a heart for widows, you will become a Chapter Leader, but it’s up to us to determine if you are ready for this commitment.”


 Where we meet:

Homes, community centers, work-spaces, and faith-based facilities. Any place that is free of charge, private and welcoming. A friendly and trustworthy ambiance is important. A new chapter may form if outside a 25-30 mile radius. Many large cities will have several chapters.

When we meet:

Locations vary from chapter to chapter with an emphasis on each chapter leader’s abilities and accessibility. A minimum of once a month. Leader’s commit to the same location and same time for one calendar year. This consistency has proven to reduce anxiety for our community.

We partner with:

Grief organizations, counseling organizations, Hospice, faith-based organizations, service organizations, food donation services, health- based organizations, financial advisors and education-based organizations. We want our ladies to have access to resources they need from each hometown. Ask our Chapter Leaders to come speak at your next gathering about women’s issues!

Who attends MWC?: 

Women with deceased partners or spouses. We embrace all faiths, cultures, backgrounds, including same-sex partners in their healing journey in a positive, understanding environment. Legal marriages, engagements, significant others and domestic partners. At MWC, everything we do stems from the core belief that in order to heal in our pain and grief, we must first be loved, understood and accepted wholeheartedly and completely.  If you have lost the person you love and want a non-judgemental, understanding sisterhood…. you belong here. We gain wisdom from our unique differences, diversity, and experiences. Come as you are.


Why is Modern Widows Club Needed?

According to the 2011 U.S Census Bureau and Vital Statistics, there are nearly over 15 million widows in the United States. Only 4 million of these are under the age of 65. The average age is 59.6. These women may be struggling with careers, child rearing, finances, maintaining a home and balancing major responsibilities. Losing a spouse is the #1 stressful life event according to the Holmes & Rahe Social Readjustment Stree Scale at 100%. To prevent serious illness, we believe creating inspiring communities, dedicated advocates and empowering role models and mentors is a viable solution to learning resilience and leaning into this new life of rebuilding the self. When this happens, women discover their pain has a higher purpose and they discover they can make a real difference in the world by giving back.

Losing a loved one is a complicated mix of circumstances and is emotionally devastating–a complete life shift with many unknown factors as to the widow’s future peace of mind and survival. If only 1% of the U.S. widows found an inspiring community and empowerment, the isolation and struggle would be reduced drastically for current and future widows.

Mentoring and accessing an empowering community is a proven way of bringing stability, guidance, and therefore, happiness into one’s life.  We have chapters nationally and happy to share our many testimonies (a book is in process). Take a look at the photos on this website, FB, Twitter pages and look into their eyes. Every woman you see on these pages are real MWC widows along this journey with you. Every widow should have someone to turn to. Join our movement. 

No local chapter yet? 

Join online for your own MWC Membership:

By partnering with Modern Widows Club within an Official MWC Cub Membership,you receive relevant, modern, up-to-date information and videos EVERY THURSDAY from our MWC Founder. Find education and inspiration to live your highest potential. Be ready to LOOK at your life. Become mindful, aware and connected, as you move forward, we’ll encourage you to reach back as well. 1653766_10152058154664807_1317022743_n

Why partner with MWC to start your hometown Chapter vs. Your Own?

We’ve reduced your need for start up-costs by building organizational infrastructures such as technology, contact management, survey’s, financial systems, mentoring tools, leadership and legal liability associated with creating a SOLO widows organization. In our research with US Secretary of State records, 80% of widows organizations become INACTIVE within 7 yrs from launch. No one plans to fail, we simply fail to plan! We plan for longevity.

This is just more fun with girlfriends on the same page committed with longevity in mind!

Believe us when we say this ~ Starting a brand new organization is NOT for the faint-hearted. It’s a lot of hard work and commitment to bring a dream of serving to fruition. But, you don’t have to start anew because we already did! Become a Chapter  and get started. MWC has solid organizational and technology infrastructures already developed to create extraordinary chapter leaders who create positive, trusting and nurturing relationships from day one.


Oklahoma City, OK

Zurich, Switzerland

Corpus Christi, TX

Oh, and we have a whole lot of fun living and laughing within this club we never expected to join, but here we are together moving forward and reaching back.

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