Getting Your Sh*t Together

Carolyn Moor

Somewhere in the world, I know you are dealing with some kind of sh*t. That stuff that you don’t want to do….but gotta do….but don’t wanna do. Ugh. That long, long list of drudgery that you keep putting off for a spring cleaning day….tomorrow.

 Well, here’s a little secret (which is probably not a secret at all), but all of the things that fall under legal, financial, estate, taxes and insurance just got dropped into our lap and who knows if they will ever be in anyone else’s moving forward.

 All of these things, I admit and understand you girl, we do not want to be receptive, but we must be. It’s a big adult moment. I didn’t know where to turn with all of these items looming beyond my horizon. It was all just too much.

 But what I can say is that over time not only did people come into my life that I ended trusting with my most important decisions like being guardians for my kids (if anything ever happened to me) or what to exactly invest my dollars into have enabled me to focus on other things like my physical health and healing emotionally, mentally and spiritually. And the added benefit was I slept better. Big Bonus.

 So where do you start??? Let me share this fabulous resource that an MWC widow, Chanel Reynolds, from Seattle, WA created for you (and really, anyone) called GYST- Get Your Sh*t Together On What Matters The Most.

Living Wills, Legal Questions, Life Insurance, Checklists, State by State Resources, General Power of Attorney Forms, Digital Storage, Referrals to Find Team Members, Education.

Because this is what widows do, right….we change the world when we experience things and see gaps in the system. We make this widowhood life less harsh with resources in sisterhood.

 I used Chanel’s great site and resources to personally complete some of my paperwork and also, pull my own dad’s end of life planning together and to be honest, I’m not sure how I could of faced that alone.

 Nowadays, we want information, to scour the internet and find trustworthy connections. Being receptive to what we didn’t know existed before now.

 I hope you’ll carve out a little time to begin the journey of understanding what you have completed and what you need in this area.

 I know how you feel….I am currently in the process of figuring out how to store my documents online safely with digital storage. Those certificates, policies, accounts and records in my families life. Big learning curve and feels like watching paint dry. But, just like going to my hairstylist to cover up those grey hairs, this must be maintained as well.

It’s a good time for spring cleaning and for checking things off that ‘too long’ list of yours today. Especially for some things that are so important as this.