“I’m here to inspire, connect and empower you to rise strong”

– Carolyn Moor

Modern Widows Club Founder


Author Brené Brown says “Hurt is hurt, and every time we honor our own struggle and the struggle of others by responding with empathy and compassion, the healing that results affects all of us.”
Leaning into discomfort isn’t an easy thing. Realizing you feel vulnerable can be scary. Fear can set off a whole set of new perspectives, behaviors and emotions that is the opposite of the truth. And the truth is, you already own what you need to pick yourself up, find your way and overcome miraculously. I have had the honor of seeing this happen in my own life, as well as, thousands of others. We didn’t get there (wherever ‘there’ is) alone, we did it by finding others who could orient us out of the ‘stuckness’ or even the ‘uncomfortableness of not knowing what to do next’ we felt we were in. 

First Step:

For one-on-one mentoring, let’s have a conversation on the phone for 30 minutes to determine if we are a good fit and our timing is right. Let’s trust in both. Let’s get all the concerns and questions out on the table. I call this our ‘Discovery Call’ it’s free (Value- $250). I am open to face any challenge with you. I’m honored to be a supporting role in your story. Reach me today via email request at this address: carolyn@modernwidowsclub.com


“You are amazing and in one hour have already changed my life. Look forward to talking to you next week.  Do wish we lived closer to each other.”

– Linda


“You’re a visionary, trail-blazer of this generation for widows like me .you taught me about true value of resiliency and to focus more about the future and what lies ahead in this new journey”

– Dr. Marissa 



“My faith has allowed me to get through the rough times, but it was during the sharing with her in our mentoring sessions that I became encouraged to be vulnerable with someone – permitting me to express some private thoughts that were weighing heavy and bringing me down”.

– Terri 

Second Step: 

Select your plan: One-on-one, group or free stuff. 

#1 -One-on-One 4x/mo Private Mentoring with Carolyn Moor
 1 hr. each session. Most expensive offering. Schedule Day/Time.
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#2- One-on-One 2x/mo Private Mentoring with Carolyn Moor
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#3- MWC Member Seasonal Special- 2x/mo Mentoring with Carolyn Moor
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#4- ‘New Me’ Group Mentoring/ 8wks with Carolyn Moor
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I haven’t seen one story the same. What worked for one person, didn’t for another. There is no strict linear path (although that would be easier) in grief and loss- instead, more than ever, I believe it is an intuitive, creative, passionate, collaborative and innovative process that brings the transformative and resilient results we all seek after loss and falling down in life. Much like building a house with all its pieces and parts, we are rebuilding our new home (self) in this life. There are always two main questions that lie below the surface of every widow who comes to me- ‘why me?’ and ‘what now?’. We’ll never fully know the first, but you and I will unite to unfold the second together. 
One thing I am certain of- taking actionable steps to maneuver the maze of widowhood helps when you have a mentor. A knowledgable, wise, experienced, resilient widow who leads from the heart, doesn’t shy away from vulnerability and encourages your own unique decisions and solutions. More than a cheerleader, more like a Yoda who believes in a vision for your future. 
A mentor who reduces the chaos and connects the dots while distilling what will work for you to find a fulfilled, purposeful life of authentic courage and therefore, joy. There is purpose in this pain (dammit), there are opportunities that can be embraced (thank goodness), there is work to do to overcome (real) struggles. Real answers and the powerful efficacy of this process requires out-of-the-box and ultra safe conversations with a mentor you trust that may not have walked exactly in your shoes, but certainly shopped at the same shoe store!
If my struggles and triumphs have taught me anything, it has taught me that I needed to be grateful for what I do have. The people who will walk into your life will be lifelines and messengers, embrace them. But getting to that realization has taken well over a decade of consistently working through the daily challenges we all face. Every step sets you on a trajectory, so choose wisely. Choose a life of rising strong…… no matter what. 
If that is the kind of mentor you want beside you in your journey, I’m honored to be so. 
What we are learning from modern neuroscience on resiliency after loss and trauma is that humans can master life’s greatest challenges. You have the capability to do this if you recognize the solid steps and elements needed to find success. And I use the word ‘success’ only as a marker for what you desire the most to come into your life. From my experience, what we want (besides our spouses back) above all else is our confidence and independence (knowledge we can do this).  
There is a part of you that wants to heal and there is a part of you that does not want to heal. When you bring these two parts into alignment with real tools such as discipline, respect, vulnerability, honesty, spirituality, surrender and grace, you will discover a very different and empowered YOU. 
I’ve also learned that people grieve in two ways: Intuitive or Instrumental. You will lean more towards either being a ‘doer’ or a ‘feeler’. It helps to balance these two along the journey (it can be done). I also believe that we are all born naturally with two personal core tendencies that drive our choices: either 1) more safety and protection or 2) more space and freedom. Depending on which you are, it will shape your healing journey every decision along the way. It helps to know this because the temptation to compare yourself to others is so strong in widowhood. Focusing on ‘what’ and ‘why’ you desire for your life now is important. In this stage of life, you are your own champion. Know thyself. 
I’ve studied numerous avenues as well as people where resilience is concerned. What I’ve accumulated and learned, then implemented, in my own life may be of some benefit to know.
TOP 6 Elements for Resilience
1) Learning to regulate emotions
2) Adopting a positive but realistic outlook
3) Be physical and move your body
4) Accept challenges
5) Maintain a close and supportive social community
6) Observe and imitate resilient role models and mentors 
(From the book The Science of Mastering Life’s Greatest Challenges by Mt. Sinai Dr. Steve Southwick and Yale Professor Dennis Charney). See my feature in The Wall Street Journal as one example of this achievement. 
For years, I focused on items 1-4 because I could not find #5 a community, and #6 a mentor. But, I needed all six to activate my full, natural ability to become resilient on all fronts. I intuitively knew I needed all of them. I kept searching until I found many, many mentors who became messengers. Finding my first mentor was a big challenge and yet, life-changing when it happened.
My first was another wise widow for a short time, then as I broadened my perspectives, it was a rabbi I met on TLC (America’s Rabbi Shmuley on the TLC series ‘Shalom in the Home’ ), and a pastor, a shaman, a yogi, then more and more teachers and cohorts showed up at the right time. Having mentors in my life inspired me to piece together the puzzle of my new life, build a solid foundation and see how extraordinary this human experience of widowhood can be as a catalyst, inciting moment in time. In that process, to my surprise, I became a great mentor and it has been life gifting. I share that gift with you today. 
In 2011, I was inspired and moved to create and launch Modern Widows Club, a nonprofit to empower the modern widow. A positive, social community comprised of real women mentoring, leading and advocating raising their voice in the world. This has also led me to be becoming the 1:1 widow mentor I am today. I now know that I am uniquely blessed with talent, time, skill and knowledge to bring real results to many other widows as they untangle this complex journey. 
Widow Mentoring is a calling for me, a way I can guide you to lessen your struggle and the pain of doing widowhood. And there is so much to do in widowhood,
it’s hard to know where to start. It is a blueprint, a first aid kit, a helping hand and a threshold to walk across. 
My hope is that our time together will reduce the confusion, and instead, empower you to courageously embrace this pivotal time in life as a growth and expansive experience to find who you are now without your spouse. It really doesn’t matter what has worked for others, what matters is what works for you! Finding your voice in this journey, using strengths you already possess and applying them to your daily life is key and a matter of surviving vs. thriving. I want you to THRIVE, like I have, and I commit to giving everything I am and I know to ensure that happens. If you are ready to take the leap, let’s work together.  
We focus on taking action to build your ‘New Me’ life.  Discovering the why to move forward, what you already have to aid your journey and then, how to get to where I want to be. From my experience, some of the common and normal areas of concern, transition and focus are:
  •  dating/ relationships/ affection/ needs being met
  •  moving/ relocating/ decisions about belongings
  •  family/ in-law issues/ setting boundaries
  •  financial/ legal/ accounting/ real estate decisions
  • spiritual and faith challenges/ doubt/ uncertainty/ finding your center
  •  raising kids/ teens/ young adolescents/ knowing the right decisions
  •  changing / starting careers or college 
  •  health/ wellbeing / managing stress 
  • sleep quality/ issues quieting your mind

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In the meantime, take a look here for ‘More About Carolyn’. Also, a video about ‘Doubt’ and ‘Searching For Meaning’, my personal testimony on Hope Changes Everything.  Getting back on our feet often leads to a spiritual practice along the journey, not always the same as you may have started with, but definitely a way to connect us to a higher power grounded in love and belonging. I’m a Christian woman who also highly respects that divinity, celebration and connection is also found in solitude, in community, in meditation…… and always in nature. I believe with love anything is possible and there is no short supply of love in the world. 
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“Thank you Carolyn for answering the calling to lead the way! I am so grateful for your mentorship that has modeled choosing life and living a life that is extraordinary. No, I don’t want to be in this club, but because of it- my life is richer than I ever imagined.”

– Cindy from Seattle


“I believe we found each other by divine appointment! It was no mistake! Your message using this unasked for journey as a catalyst to bring about new awareness, new motivation to CHOOSE life, to live it better, not bitter, to honor the love we had by reaching forward while reaching back. It worked hand in hand with the Holy Spirit already at work in my heart and mind. Your message and mentoring were the tangible coming alongside the spirit. It gave me a model, a way to put feet on how I desired to live.”

Efficacy Result: In 2015, Cindy remarried and at the same time, found a partner who encouraged her to serve widows even more. She expanded the original Seattle MWC Chapter into two chapters; Eastside and Westside. Her service to others has gone on to impact hundreds of other widows lives. Cindy’s inspirational story and faith in God has fueled her to unbelievable heights.


“I don’t handle stress well. That’s why I need Carolyn”

– Karen from Orlando

You Tube Interview

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Efficacy Result: 2016- Karen has gone on to create Widows at Work, by partnering with companies, she provides training on how to manage and support employees while in a fragile state of grieving and restoring empathy in the workplce. She became the Orlando MWC Chapter Leader to serve other widows in Central FL. She has become a force of nature after the murder of her husband leaving her to raise her young son solo. Karen’s future opportunities are unlimited.


“I needed real tools to do this grief thing really well. I found Carolyn”

– Sylvia from Winter Garden

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Efficacy Result: Sylvia served as 2015 Orlando Chapter Leader serving other widows and encouraging their journey. During this time, she faced her fear of dating, was encouraged by her community and in 2016, remarried finding the joy she longed for to ‘be in love again’. The journey was full of self discovery and nurtured in a positive environment. It made the world of difference.

More Efficacy and Reviews of Mentoring with Carolyn Moor

“To trust more and not be afraid”

– Dominique

Screen Shot 2015-02-06 at 9.49.05 AM

“You have shown me survival skills. What it takes to get them, keep them and use them!”

– Sandra 

Screen Shot 2015-03-23 at 7.36.30 PM

“Enthusiasm, helpful and merciful spirit, guidance and encouragement… Wise advice without being pushy or over-stepping. Confident! I must add “Vision”….where there is no vision the people perish”

– Bonnie


“She showed me how to discover things about myself that had been buried through the trials before, during, and after the passing of my husband in July 2014. She has a way to help one focus on how to navigate the path that is before them”

– Jenn


“I learned how incredibly important it is to surround myself with like-minded women (widows). I 100% believe that MWC, new friends and you, are a few reasons that I was able to move forward (In a timely manner) when I was feeling so lost.”

– Lisa 


“Finding you and this group was like being a ship in a storm, ready to sink and spotting the lighthouse light. I have found acceptance, courage, when I couldn’t find my own, and laughter”

– Trish



“I feel like because of our sessions together you have helped me progress in so many ways as I look back and read all my notes. God and time have been a key to unlock the door to help me grow in my pain. I will forever be grateful for your compassionate heart full of words of wisdom willing to help me heal”

– Pam 


“My faith has allowed me to get through the rough times, but it was during the sharing with her in our mentoring sessions that I became encouraged to be vulnerable with someone – permitting me to express some private thoughts that were weighing heavy and bringing me down”.

– Terri 


“If I did not take that big step and showed up at your house on the third Thursday July 2012 not knowing where I was going to a strangers house- Carolyn meeting you has helped me in my journey of slowly moving forward”

– Debbie 


“The mere fact that a woman who with the deepest tear in her heart can take that hurt and use it to reach out and minister to other women with similar tears is amazing. For no other purpose but to help the hurting in a world that doesn’t understand the pain of losing a spouse. 
That is not an easy feat and needs to be a calling. You have this calling and have answered the call. To me, that is inspirational and admirable. The journey is long and the laboratory are few. You said “yes.” Thank you for that!”

– Jenn


“Brilliantly candid…Sharing with transparency reaches more than sugar coated words that have no meaning”.

– Jenny 


“You seem to have the right words at the right time to encourage and give me hope that Life could return in time. I am grateful for your life, committed and willing to teach other widows. You have helped me prepare for the next chapter of my life trusting God for his best”

– Pam 





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