Sacred Nesting and Stepping Out

by Carolyn Moore

Welcome to APRIL!

Goodbye Winter… HELLO SPRING!

Spring time is the perfect time to take a look at our spaces and think about shifting and transitioning your spaces which will also positively impact your internal spiritual and soul spaces in life. So spruce up your home, closets, cabinets ….then invite someone over which will encourage you to act and get it done to welcome others into your new joyful surroundings.

As most of you know, I have had a couple of very difficult months… from February being the Angelversary of Chad’s death, my own health problems and losing my beloved father in Arkansas was a difficult thing to face. I truly experienced the gift of community that we have created at MWC, and it was an amazing experience to take some time away and know that I have a supportive community surrounding me. Thank you all for your thoughts, prayers, gifts and messages. They meant the world to me and kept me going through this difficult time.


Since this month is about nesting, creating spaces to shift and transition from where you were to where you are NOW, it’s fitting for me to jump back in as it is a subject near and dear to me, being an interior designer.

I know it’s getting to be Spring time when I feel the need to spend more time outside. My back porch is my sanctuary, and one of the places where we met in the early days of Modern Widows Club. My garden has continually brought be beautiful flowers that I decorate my home and lifts my spirits.

Sacred Nesting is something I’ve learned a lot about since beginning my Interior Design career almost 30 years ago. It became even more important after I lost Chad. I started to understand that the importance of exterior spaces has such an impact on our interior selves. I found this book that has become one of my favorites. “ Shelter for the Spirit: Create Your Own Haven in a Hectic World” by Victoria Moran .


My home became a sacred space in new widowhood. After my 6th year without Chad, I sold my “big house and big life” that he and I designed together. I didn’t know what would come next but knew I had to begin moving forward. Over time, living it that house of my dreams became a type of prison. The things around me became oblivious to me. Downstairs was the expectable living space for “company,” but upstairs was frozen in time. When I made that difficult decision to sell, I had to step into who I was becoming and create a new space for myself and my daughters. It was that shift in ME that first sparked the idea for Modern Widows Club and the next phase of our lives together.


At the Widow Empowerment Event in 2017, we talked about creating our “Healing Space” and how positive and negative energy of our things affect us more than we are sometimes aware. Watch our 2017 WEE Video HERE or click the image to the right.

When you give yourself and your home as a gift to others, it is a gift to yourself (not others). It is sharing ourselves with friends and making connections. Interior spaces impact our interior selves.


Share your stories on MWC social sites this month while we share tips as well and what others are doing to find their sacred spaces.