Sacred Nesting and Stepping Out

by Jennifer Bichinich

It’s Spring! It’s Spring!
And I’m so happy! This is my favorite time of year. The snow is FINALLY gone (or IS IT?? – See picture below.) The days are getting longer, the Spring flowers are popping up, the birds are singing and preparing their nests for new life!
This month’s MWC theme is “Sacred Nesting Spaces.” For me, that means decorating my home with things that bring me joy, and remind me of my favorite things… such as travel and flowers!
On my desk at home, I have a pop bottle with Hebrew writing from my recent trip to Israel. It not only holds flowers, but memories of the fellowship and excitement exploring a new country with my MWC Wisters, Jenn Fortune and Trudy Green. It reminds me of the amazing historical sights and the fields of wildflowers alive with color.

It also reminds me that even after loss, there are still new adventures to be made. The trip to Israel was made possible because of MWC, and the connections made by Carolyn. She has been like the momma bird, creating an MWC nest for all of us and then teaching us how to fly! She cares for us, protects us until we’re ready to fly!

On the return back to the states, Trudy and I stopped in Amsterdam to visit the world famous Keukenhof Gardens . It was heavenly… Tulips, daffodils and wooden shoes everywhere! If you ever make it out that way, I would highly recommend you going. You’ll be glad you did!
Filling my home with fresh-cut flowers, like the ones I saw in Amsterdam, is like bringing a bit of Heaven into my home. It’s a way for me to make it more sacred and joyful.

Here are a few suggestions for enhancing your “Sacred Nesting Space.”:
● Be inspired by what you see in nature, like these flowers in Israel that bloom in unlikely places.
● Find your happy place and make it your own!
● Surround yourself with things you love that bring you joy!
● Create a beautiful, peaceful retreat in your bedroom.
Invite your wisters into your home!
Fill your heart with MWC Love! These wisters fill my heart with so much joy! What would you add to the list? Please share your thoughts, ideas and photos on our MWC Facebook private member page. Happy Nesting!!