What Does It Take To Run a MWC Chapter?

A commitment.

Few endeavors do more to shape a widows aspirations than encouraging them to realize their full potential with personal mentoring. In return, few endeavors reap more profound rewards —because mentoring works. Your wisdom is a blessing to be shared. At MWC, our selection of chapter leaders is an intuitive and important benchmark for our organization as a whole. Our leaders are the foundational pillars of this organization. Everyone unique in their own way, all are held to high standards because our widowed ladies deserve to have an advocate on their side. We are not support groups, we are mentoring groups. Our time spent together is reciprocal. This enables us all to move forward with like minded others a few steps ahead of us and when ready, to reach back to others. The bridge between loss, transition and the real world.

We believe that if you have a heart for widows, you will become a Chapter Leader, but it’s up to us to determine if you are ready for this commitment. 

~ It’s very important to us that your interest originates from a genuine and heartfelt intention. We strive to create an environment of belonging, integrity and connectedness, therefore, enabling trusted, long-term friendships which blossom naturally.

Currently, there are nearly 14 million widows in the USA, 258 million widows globally and about 585 million children who are directly effected. Widows from across the globe have been historically undervalued, stigmatized, isolated and deemed voiceless socially, economically, emotionally, and spiritually. Modern Widows Club is committed to become advocates to give widows a voice, enable and empower them to move forward and to make a positive difference in society.  

1st Annual Leadership Retreat 2014
Sedona, AZ

3rd Annual Leadership Retreat, 2016
Seattle WA

2nd Annual Leadership Retreat 2015
Sedona, AZ 

4th Annual Leadership Retreat August 2017
Orlando, FL

1st Annual Widow Empowerment Weekend 2017
Orlando FL

2nd Annual Widow Empowerment Weekend 2018
Orlando FL

Please submit this Chapter Request form and we will contact you to schedule an informal interview. Contact us at info@modernwidowsclub.com if you do not hear from us in 48 hours to confirm receipt of your request.