What Does It Take To Run a MWC Chapter?


Few endeavors do more to shape a widows aspirations than encouraging them to realize their full potential with personal mentoring. In return, few endeavors reap more profound rewards —because mentoring works. At MWC, our selection of chapter leaders is an intuitive and important benchmark for our organization as a whole. Our leaders are the foundational pillars of this organization. Everyone unique in their own way, all are held to high standards because our widowed ladies deserve to have an advocate on their side.


We believe that if you have a heart for widows, you’ll become a chapter leader, but it’s up to us to determine if you are ready for this commitment.

~ It’s very important to us that your interest originates from a genuine and heartfelt intention. We strive to create an environment of belonging, integrity and connectedness, therefore, enabling trusted, long-term friendships which blossom naturally.


Widows want role models, champions and positive, supportive communities that inspire them. Modern Widows Club was founded in 2011 in Orlando, FL by Founding Director Carolyn Moor by welcoming two widows to mentor into her personal home. That has grown into a national organization of over 20 statewide chapters, led by over 50 widows leaders, we want to become the premier US research population raising awareness and advocacy for widows.

We are the pioneers of a new frontier in modern widowhood. What is misunderstood is underserved, educating widows and society while creating more services, programs and outreach is vital. Together, we can support and empower more widows in the world. We give widows a collective voice in society and the opportunity to find her new identity in life. It’s focused on growth and empowerment, not grief, although everyone in MWC is experiencing grief in their own way.

We continue to see an increase in the amount of widows that we serve, launching new chapters every year and increasing the number of amazing community of leaders. We provide training, mentoring and guidance for women who want to serve and lead the widows in their cities. From West Coast to East, we are building our legacy of leaders.


Please submit this Chapter Request form and we will contact you to schedule an informal interview. Contact us at info@modernwidowsclub.org if you do not hear from us in 48 hours to confirm receipt of your request.

Chapter Request Form