I Am So Much Moor

I AM SO MUCH MOOR By Carolyn Moor     On the anniversary of Chad’s death February 14, 2000, there is one over arching thought this morning ‘I am so much moor’.   You see, when he died, I died too. But I didn’t know that back then. I just felt like I was literally

A Widow’s Valentine For You

A Widow’s Valentine   Despite what you may think, Valentine’s Day will not kill me. It’s a day. I understand the the power of one day, as a number on the Western calendar, not as a chart to base my whole future upon. As a widow, I know how love can literally take your breathe

Reinvesting in Love

Valentine’s Day was never a romantic holiday in my marriage.  My husband, who regularly showered me with outward gestures of love like nice dinners and flowers, always felt pressured into giving gifts on what he called the “Hallmark Holiday”.  He usually presented me with the last bouquet of flowers still remaining at the local Tom