A Widow’s Dream

  - Despite what you might think, I haven’t lost all my dreams. - Although the biggest dream I had was to grow old, crazy in love, to laugh away the hours seated beside each other in two cozy rocking chairs. - When you lose your dreams, it’s gut wrenching. It’s a ship without a

GROWTH as a Widowed Woman

GROWTH: I want to share with you this morning my story about growth. In the 15 yrs. since becoming widowed, I've accomplished and failed at many things, hit many goals, fumbled through situations, embarrassed myself and attempted many crazy (and many would say) ridiculous dreams. The whole process of this life is one of powerful

The Widow Card

Normally, I do not like having to use the "Widow Card" in my day to day life, but every now and then, when someone angers me or annoys me in just the right way, it seems like the absolute perfect time to pull it out, and make them feel like crap by hitting them hard