A Widow’s Holiday Wish

'A Widow’s Holiday Wish' - Despite what you might think, I don’t have to do the holidays. There is not a rule that says I must do so. - The frenetic tension of this season makes me want to withdrawal, so when you see me it’s extra tough to pretend all is okay. - In

Widow Causes & Fundraisers: Why?

Over three years ago, I found myself inviting 2 widows into my home to mentor, find community and share our stories. Since that time, over 400 widows have crossed the threshold of my doorstep and I've mentored thousands online. It was a simple enough idea and powerful. We'd meet once a month and be involved

Money and Love: Widows Speak Up About The Financial Consequences of Dating Again

Last month we celebrated Valentine’s Day with a group of widows who were interested in dating again. A panel of gracious widows of different ages, life and family situations shared their experiences about the dating scene. One of the topics discussed was directly related to money and relationships. “Who should pay?” According to the 2011

GOT SPARK? Being a Widow

We are all great “troopers” in this game called life! We have been given a calling that maybe we would rather turn away from. We are Widows; or as I choose to call us Wise, Independent, Devoted, Optimistic, Warriors. Even though we all have our own “part” to perform in life we all play a