What do you HOPE for?

Carolyn Moor

Our new word and theme for June around the MWC is ‘Hope’. I’d like to share with you a little ‘everyday’ miracle that boosted my own personal ‘hope’ bucket this week.

You see, in 2000, I found myself suddenly widowed and raising my daughters at the young ages of 2 and 4 completely solo away from any family nearby and a dwindling network of friends.

Back then, I would lie awake at night staring at the ceiling and emotionally flipping between a full on panic attack complete with deep, silent, harrowing tears and a belief that I would make beneficial choices mixed with unbelievable courage somehow, someway to keep going another day.

But not just to ‘keep going’ but to ‘keep hoping’ that life wouldn’t always be ‘like this’.

I know you make decisions every day that take every ounce of courage that you can muster. I’m so proud of you.

This week, as my oldest daughter pulled out of our driveway headed to Bonnaroo 2015, I watched as long as I could until the very last glimpse of her bumper was visible. I then turned and walked into my home, headed to my bedroom to lay down feeling a bit overwhelmed emotionally. That is where I discovered this on my bed –

A little ‘everyday’ miracle.

Here is the thing….we all HOPE for something. Deep down, it’s what we want the most (aside from our husband’s coming back). It’s that thing that we cannot see (yet), but hope with all of our being that it will come true.

For me, it was to always keep my daughters first and foremost in all my decisions to have a good life (with a happy and loving mom) and like I told Oprah,I’m consciously making choices to be present every day with my daughters and be an inspiration to them.”

How was I going to do this? I had no clue….. But, I kept doing the very best possible every day. That’s it. Lots of curves in the road, lots of falls and lots of getting back up.

So when I opened up this little surprise, I was even more surprised to find what my daughter wrote on #9…needless to say it caused me to break into tears.

These were very different tears than I had back in 2000, these were tears for what I had hoped for so long ago coming full circle. Evidence of the hard work and diligence of living in a season of deep HOPE for myself and my family.

I hope today you will find an ‘everyday’ miracle of hope in your life. Holding onto hope will carry you through on the days when you just can’t see if your dreams are possible or near. But don’t give up, keep reaching for the hope in every situation. Recognize it and call it out. If you need to borrow a little, take some of mine, if you need to give a little, share it.

Hope changes everything. It really does.