What happens at a MWC Social Hour?
Love ~ Laughter ~ Life

Carolyn Moor

Last month in Orlando we had 21 ladies with 4 of these bravely showing up for the first time. They were welcomed and surrounded by MWC ladies who had walked across the threshold of my home at some point in the last 2 years (over 130 who I did not know before MWC). It was beautiful to see how they embraced in hugs and conversation so effortlessly.

They all speak a language involving ‘widow linguistics’. It’s only understood by others who speak this language. I wish I had a unique phonological name for this. It is a study of semiosis and validates the benefits of true mentoring (Semiosis: When two individuals meet, the ways in which they think, the specific identities they assume, the emotional responses they make, and the beliefs, motives, and purposes they have, will frame the situation as it develops dynamically and potentially test the legitimacy of the outcomes).

Something more is happening when we join together.

photo copy 4Sure we discussed:
– All the ways we’ve grown and learned
– How our husbands passed
– Struggles in the journey
– Adventures in dating again
– Adventures in never wanting to date again
– How blessed we each were to have been loved
– What’s next for us?
– Where’s my wine?
– I can’t believe I’m at a widow’s event
– Gosh, everyone gets me
– I’m not the only widow who feels isolated
– How we won’t be getting invited to all the couple parties
– Making new friends who speak our language with their voice, eyes and arms

So much happens when we join together. We’ve come so far individually and together and it happened because we each made the effort to connect online and in person.

We hope to grow more chapters, when the right leaders step forward to create moments like last night. Every ship needs someone at the helm and we know there are widows who want to mentor and create these powerful moments in their towns.

May you find your own special blend of peace, joy and love in the world.