Widow Wisdom: What is a gift someone has given you that has meant a lot?

We asked our widow sisters to share their wisdom by answering this question; What is a gift someone has given you that has meant a lot?

Here are some of their answers:

  • Two things from the same person. A memory box to hold all the cards and letters we received after Don died. I pull it out once a year on the date of his passing and re-read all the lovely, thoughtful things people wrote to me. Also, this same friend had a necklace made for me that said, “Love, Don,” engraved on it in his handwriting. So precious. – Tina


  • Lawn care for one year. It never occurred to me that I wasn’t billed that year. Such a gesture of compassion. – Carolyn Moor

  • My sisters-in-law and my niece. One calls me every month just to check-in and to let me cry. The other sister in law and niece tend to my husband’s grave and make sure it’s always taken care of. They just planted flowers. I had to move out of state, that’s where my daughter lives, so I can’t thank them enough for their kindness. – Kathy


  • Cards, checking in on my kids and I, someone doing my taxes, mowing my yard, sending Christmas gifts. Someone paid for my daughters to continue their ballet lessons for a year! – Sara


  • Time and checking in regularly is a huge gift! My best friend got me a necklace on my late husband’s birthday that had his name spelled out in Morse code. It was so special that she found a way to honor a difficult day, and it was perfect because it is something that doesn’t scream out about my loss just by looking at it, but I wear it every day, and it helps me feel close to him. – Wister on Instagram


  • My best friend cleaned my house from top to bottom because that literally was one thing I couldn’t have cared less about at the time. One less thing I have to concern myself with. Every little thing matters and is helpful. – Julie


  • A massage and meals I could go out and buy. I really appreciated the pampering and things that made my life easy. – Wister on Instagram


  • The meal train that lasted for the first two months after my husband died was seriously the most helpful, practically. Especially with a 6 and 12-year-old at the time. – Rach

  • Their time and hugs. 2 of my friends would just text me and say, “on my way with lunch.” This was perfect for me because If they had asked, I would have said no. – Wister on Instagram


  • A book of stories friends wrote about what my husband meant to them or funny stories they remembered about him. – Jenee


  • My husband made me a necklace of yellow loops of paper to wear until he could buy me the real thing. I still have it….over 20 years ago. – Lois


  • In the first few weeks, teachers from the school where I work would send my son & I a care package. One week we got brownies & cookies, another week a gift card to Dave&Busters so we could get out of the house, someone set up an account at our favorite pizza shop so I could order any time I didn’t feel like cooking. I felt loved. – Wister on Instagram


  • The idea to cut my husband’s flannel shirts, etc., and make a quilt for each of my kids! – Tammie


  • My family would receive gift cards in the mail randomly for years to come. They were always unexpected and always signed “friends of wick” they stopped when I had to sell our home and move. I’ve never found out who it was- Wister on Instagram.


  • A friend of mine put together a group of people to help me with a barn my husband had been working on but didn’t get to finish. I was too much in shock and heartache to ever really thank her. It meant a lot to me..- Kim

  • Wind chimes with my husband’s name and date of birth and date of death and a saying on it. – Wister on Instagram


  • I was sent a series of books that always came at the right time throughout the first year (from a sweet lady I didn’t even know yet!) I’ve continued this with new widows in my life, and they all say the same thing!- Pam


  • I remember getting a massage gift certificate!! It was amazing! I also got a very small pet rock that I put in my window. It reminded me to smile, and others were thinking of me:) – Jane



  • A memory box, an Angel Feather necklace, and a picture memory book of a trip to the Adirondacks our scout troop took in my husband’s memory. – Laurie


  • For me, it wasn’t a material thing. It was one of understanding that I found with a group of other widows. However, also if it wasn’t for my daughter in the picture too, I’m afraid I may not be here today. So maybe it was life as a gift. – Mary