Widow + Sister = WISTER

We’re women. We’re widows. We’re mothers, grandmothers,
daughters, granddaughters, aunts, sisters, neighbors, friends
and families.  We’re a community. We’re a movement. We’re thrivers!

What is a Modern Widow?

The median age a wife becomes a widow is 59.

  • Society believes widows are older and  long into retirement. THIS IS NOT TRUE.
  • It is estimated that widows represent 3.5% of the United States population, with more than 258 million widows worldwide.
  • 49% of widows earn less than $25,000 a year and widowhood is often a ticket to poverty.
  • Over 740,000 widows live in extreme poverty unable to provide food, shelter and basic necessities.

Many widows are raising children, working and maintaining a household while facing the unknown in a complete life shift which may also include financial hardship.

A modern widow leans into life, builds resilience, while creating a positive difference in themselves, their families, their communities and in the world.

What is a WISTER?

SISTERHOOD: defined as “an association, society, or community of women linked by a common interest, religion, or trade.”

Sisters aren’t always related by blood.  We are sisters by the bond we share together. Modern Widows Club is the community that no one wanted to join, but becomes forever grateful to have found. We stand together in sadness and in joy, by embracing and supporting each other while honoring the legacy of our loved ones.

We may have lost our loved ones but we have not lost our zest for life or our ability to make an impact on others through mentoring.

This is the definition of a WISTER.
This is Modern Widows Club.