On International Widows Day June 23, 2018, Modern Widows Club took our camera to the streets at the Orlando Farmer’s Market and asked ordinary citizens if they could pick out the widow from our board.  Participants were shocked and amazed by what they found. If you know a widow, please share our organization and join our sisterhood. We’re here for her!! http://modernwidowsclub.org

Every day in America nearly 2800 women become widowed, but no one talks about it.
The US ranks 3rd in the world for the most widowed women at 14 million.

US Stats: (US Census Bureau and the 2105 World Widows Report)

  • The average age of a widow is 59
  • Of the 14 million widows, 66% are over 65yrs and 34% are under 65yrs.
  • 70% of all married women will face the stage of widowhood
  • Widows live an average of 15 yrs longer than their partners
  • Of the 14 million widows, 49% earn less than $25,000 a year and widowhood is often a ticket to poverty.
  • Over 740,000 widows live in extreme poverty unable to provide food, shelter and basic necessities.
  • Secondary Losses often crush widows as they lose their homes, jobs, insurances, credit, status, security, identity, faith, intimacy, confidant, parenting partner and best friend. Widowhood is an all affront attack on women’s health
  • Losing a spouse is 100 stress points on the Holmes and Rahe Social Readjustment Scale and ranking #1. With all the other losses, she often is near the 300 stress point level which places her in an 80% chance of becoming seriously ill.

Widows want role models, champions and positive, supportive communities that inspire them.
Modern Widows Club was founded in 2011 in Orlando, FL by Founding Director Carolyn Moor by welcoming two widows to mentor into her personal home. That has grown into a national organization of over 20 statewide chapters, led by over 50 widows leaders that reaches 25,000 widows worldwide. With monthly face to face meetings, online events, monthly topic videos, inspirational emails, an annual Widow Empowerment Event, they soon became the premier US research population raising awareness and advocacy for widows. We are the pioneers of a new frontier in modern widowhood. What is misunderstood is underserved, educating widows and society while creating more services, programs and outreach is vital. Together, we can support and empower more widows in the world. Modern Widows Club gives widows a collective voice in society and the opportunity to find her new identity in life. It’s focused on growth and empowerment, not grief, although everyone in MWC is experiencing grief in their own way.