Widow Wisdom: How did the events of September 11 affect your life as a widow?

We asked our widow sisters to share their wisdom by answering this question; How did the events of September 11 affect your life as a widow?

  • More alert to my surroundings. – Wister on Instagram
  • The day is always so memorable because my husband and I were still managing a long-distance relationship. He was scheduled to fly out of Dulles on September 10 but tried to get the flight changed to Sept. 11 to prolong his stay and could not. Now I think we avoided tragedy that day, but I still lost him in such a tragic way here years later. I truly feel for all those families that lost loved ones that day and the ripple effect on their lives. – Wister on Instagram
  • My son was 20 at the time. After 9/11, he decided to join Fire School to become a firefighter. He finished at the top of his class and gave his all for 10 years. So proud of him, sadness for the 343 and all those affected. – Susan
  • I cried for most of the day. I couldn’t believe we could be attacked on US soil, and so many were gone. Wasn’t much I could do, but I went that day to give blood. – Cheryl
  • My husband was called to active duty for 14 months. I had an 11month old and 36 months old at home. Worry was an understatement but so proud of him. He made it back to us safely. I didn’t know when he would be killed in an accident 3 years later. The kids and I would do anything to of had those 14 months with him. – Amanda
  • I was at work when the first tower went down. Everyone in the building came to our office as we had the only tv in the place. Then down went the second tower. We all began calling loved ones and were terrified. When the Pentagon got hit, we were all allowed to go home. It was a panic state at that point. By the time I got home, the 4th plane had gone down. I could not sleep for days and then began having panic attacks that I could not control. I had to end up in the ER and get sedated. I am still on medication for it. I will never forget 9/11. – Debra
  • My husband worked at ground zero. I thought he was inside the tower when the second plane hit. He survived, and we always said if he could survive that he could survive anything. When his doctors had given up on him, I posted a sign in his room that said he was a 9/11 survivor, and he was a fighter! This is my second 9/11 without him. – Pam
  • On the morning of 9/11, my husband called to check on me – I was grocery shopping and had not heard the news. Later at home, I watched for weeks – the families and friends of those killed – in public grief. Six weeks later my husband died, and I was thrown into my own depths of loss. I felt a deep connection to those I’d been watching on tv, the hurt, the hope, the personal destruction. I felt someone understood, even tho I’d never meet them or give them a grieving hug. – Marta
  • My husband and I lost colleagues on 9/11. Then our son joined the Army and died in Iraq in 2003. Our lives changed forever on 9/11. – Patricia
  • I was in shock that we could be attacked on so many fronts. I still remember the exact time I heard. Shock for days. – Tee