Widow Wisdom: How do you stay connected to others while you grieve and reduce the added isolation due to COVID-19?

We asked our widow sisters to share their wisdom by answering this question; How do you stay connected to others while you grieve and reduce the added isolation due to COVID-19?

Here are some of their answers:

  • You can text and write letters and send out cheer cards to your friends and family members. – Wister on Instagram
  • Not only dealing with grief and the virus, my mom is now in a nursing home and no visitors. We talk by face time once a week. The volunteers use their phones to call the families. i also email, text, phone and wave when I get the mail. My husband used to tell our grandchildren if something went wrong “Just suck it up there is nothing you can do about it.” He was right to a point but follow the advice and we will get through this together. Stay safe – Barb

  • #winewithdewine everyday at 2:00 with friends via the app Gather. Also been doing a lot of funny Marco polos with friends. – Melissa
  • My daughters live in different states than I. We text, phone and FaceTime regularly but, are doing all three a lot more right now. Even in normal times, I don’t love the separation. – Barbara
  • I make a point to reach out to 3 people per day to check on them. Since people do not think to check on us. – Paula
  • Lots of FaceTime and I love the MarcoPolo app to send & receive videos to watch when time permits!! That’s how I stay in touch seeing real expressions with kind distance friends. – Wister on Instagram
  • We had to have a 9th birthday party via Facetime with the entire family taking turns talking to my grandson. I need to stay connected to feel safe and calm. I put signs in my windows every day to help others. Today my sign says Be Strong. Yesterday it was Be Kind. Everyone is reaching out for anyway to connect with anyone they can so even if it is a wave through the window to the neighbor, it helps. I drew hearts and put them in the window so the 4 year old next door can look out her bedroom window and see them and know that I miss seeing her too. – Debra
  • I have been keeping in contact with friends and family either through Facebook, email, texting or old fashioned telephone calls. I try to accomplish at least one thing a day since we have all this time. I’m also allowing myself time to do what I want to. Things can wait. I still have my 22 year old son home with me so he is company. I do find myself missing my husband more these days (15 years). It’s kind of like the advice we have for new widows – one step at a time, one day at a time. – Claudia
  • Connecting with friends via social media. Plus, I returned to school to finish my Bachelors in Social Work. Bonus no time lost as I’m attending an online university. – Beth
  • I’ve gotten into my late husband’s beer making stuff and have decided to try my hand at dandelion and wild violet wine. I think he’d be tickled. Most of my kids are home now that school/colleges are closed, so I have company. I tend to be an introvert anyway. – Dianne
  • I am taking time to reflect on all the memories my Michael left us. FaceTime with kids and grandkids, and stitching quilts for new great grandbaby. When I feel sad, I step back and think of all my blessings this life has held. Here is a cyber hug to all you wonderful, strong, special women who have endured the greatest loss. – Janet
  • I talk with my daughter twice a day every day. We pray together for each other and for our family and everyone who is working so hard to keep us safe. I text my sister everyday to make sure she and her family are okay. We pray together as well. -Barbara


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