Widow Wisdom: How have you made new friends in widowhood?

We asked our widow sisters to share their wisdom by answering this question; How have you made new friends in widowhood?

  • Volunteering at the food pantry at my church which made me think about other people and be grateful for my blessings. – Elizabeth


  • I’ve met some great friends through some personal growth events & masterminds. trying to embrace this new chapter (even though it’s not by choice) I think he’d be proud. – Pam

  • I have not really made any new friends since losing my husband 12 years ago! Being widowed is a class by itself. The friends I had thru work have kinda gone their own ways because they are married, retired. I know there are other widows in my community but there are no organized widows’ groups where we could meet each other. I have 2 friends that are also widowed but live 4 hours away. We talk & text a lot. We get each other & what it’s like being widowed. If circumstances were different, I would move closer to them. – Joyce


  • I met a wonderful friend at a neighborhood bunco gathering. She is also a widow, so we both “get” each other. We travel with other friends and always enjoy each other’s company. – Rosa


  • I’m a Military Widow, and in my 13 years of being on this journey, I have been blessed to know some of the most courageous, resilient, beautiful, and absolutely amazing, women. I have been so inspired by them and they have helped me in many different ways. – Danielle


  • It took me three years to grieve, accept, and finally try to move forward. All baby steps. It took months for me to actually get out of my car in a parking lot of a restaurant/bar that took minutes for me to drive to. I’d sit there for an hour trying to go in alone, then drive back home. The day I went in, I kind of reached out to the staff there. I made many friends there in the years (5) that I came, ate dinner, listened and danced to the live music they had on weekends. That led to meeting friends of friends. My life has become happy and fulfilling again, with both my old, childhood, family friends and all my new friends. Do not be afraid to reach out, love is out there waiting to reach back. I don’t know what I would do without all these very wonderful people. – Barbara

  • I tried to become involved in new groups. I took a clowning class, went back and got my master’s degree, changed jobs Etc. The saddest part was losing friends that were couple friends, that didn’t really want me included in their couple activities. But my true and dearest friends remained that way and are still my friends today. It is difficult to find time to socialize, work full-time and raise a family on your own. I’ve always found my best friends through church. -Rosa


  • Made a few new friends that I met from a bereavement group that I attended!! We get together a couple times a month and try to do something fun!!- Joemar


  • I’ve made some wonderful friends by meeting fellow widows and widowers and volunteering more at my local schools. -Carole


  • My circle of friends neither grew or shrank, but it did create tighter bonds with existing friends – Wister on Instagram


  • Met my best friend when we became widows. Someone at church knew and introduced us. We call each other out grief girlfriend! -Susan

  • It was new people who rallied around me that led to new friendships. The people who I thought were my friends disappeared. – Wister on Instagram


  • Some of my closest friends now are women I have never met in person, but met on FB pages like this. It is hard to make new friends at this point in life…it is something I struggle with. – Lori


  • All my widow friends came from Instagram! We only know each other online, but cant tell you how much it helps to have someone understand you – Wister on Instagram


  • Yes, but it is weird because those friends are part of after my husband and not before. I find myself telling them how much they would have loved him.- Dawne