Widow Wisdom: What Dreams and Goals do you Have Now?

We asked our widow sisters to share their wisdom by answering this question; What dreams and goals do you have now?

  • Finish undergrad school, start a graduate program to be a school psychologist, remodel the house one room at a time, travel with our son, start checking off the bucket list Mike and I had created. – Ellie
  • I am still finding out what my dreams and goals are after four years, but I have sold the big family home, which was way too much for me to manage on my own, and purchased a smaller house more suited to my wants and needs. It is a pretty house. I would like to travel a bit. I would like to make some new friends where I live now. – Debbie
  • My dream is to buy a small camper trailer and drive around the country with my dog. Get closer to nature. Visit places I’ve never been to. Learn to meditate and calm my mind. Fall asleep without swallowing a pill would be amazing! -Kristen
  • In the early days, it was just being able to breathe. Three years later, so much has changed. I’ve found a new path I instead love that includes a growing practice to help those wanting to step out of the darkness and begin the healing process. I’m sometimes amazed at the journey I began that fateful morning my husband left this earth. -Kerri

  • My children’s happiness and future!!! – Michelle
  • Honestly, it’s been 5.5 years, and I’m still trying to rebuild my life. I still don’t have a steady job and am financially insecure. I’m still just in survival mode. I can’t have any goals until I can get on my feet again. – Katya
  • Keep my son in education and graduate HS. It would be great if he could get his Associates at the same time. Keep showing him life to live, proud of who is, and make his dad proud too. – Kae
  • Clean out, rearrange, redecorate, and paint my whole house. Travel (once COVID is under control) and do all the things that sound like fun now that I never did while married. Hike lots of new places (my husband didn’t hike). – Julie
  • Focus on my job n take care of the only daughter. And maybe make new friends to keep me going. Spend more time with God. – Adusu
  • Make yourself do things that you wanted to do, but he didn’t. Paint the bathroom green, join the cycling club, go to Paris…And while you’re doing it, think to yourself, “Die on me, will you? HAH! I’ll show you!” It sounds goofy, but it has been incredibly healing and empowering – Kaffee

  • I dream of helping others through their pain; I dream of being my whole self (and I am)…while allowing my heart to expand and be part of another’s heart with shared dreams; dream of living from a place of joy and being present in my new self! (I’m doing it) – Wister on Instagram
  • Ten years in December…..I am still wandering project to project, travel, bike, look after our house, meet up with friends. It looks great from the outside, but my insides are still hollow. I miss the human connection of real love, but at 65, it might be too late to find another true love. My goal is to continue exploring and hope to put some solid meaning back in my life. – Diane
  • To make it through this virtual school with my children without coming out bald at the other end – Elle
  • Keep our antique and vintage market business going and growing, and I have restarted my Mary Kay business and left my job as a bartender/server….it was time for a change – Katina.
  • Enjoy right now the best I can and appreciate it all right now. – Stephanie