Widow Wisdom: What drives you to wake up, get up, and share yourself with the world?

We asked our widow sisters to share their wisdom by answering this question; What drives you to wake up, get up, and share yourself with the world?

  • My 5-year-old son- Wister on Instagram
  • My children, and also the thought of what my husband would say to me if he could see me. I’m sure he’d be telling me to keep going. – Wister on Instagram
  • My 3yr son, and that voice from heaven saying I can do it. – Wister on Instagram
  • My faith in God’s perfect plan despite my pain… my lovely children, they are in this with me as we walk and work this new normal together. Supportive friends who keep me in their prayers and do bits now and then to cheer me on- Wister on Instagram
  • My two dogs and having to go to work- Wister on Instagram
  • After losing my husband 6 years ago, our son drove me out of bed and kept going. Then it was for me too. I live my life to honor my late husband. Love found me again 4 years ago … and it feels so good. – Jenne
  • For sure, my #1 is my boys, but I also want to enjoy life, and I know that’s what my husband would want me to do also. I spent so many years caring for sick and dying people (mom, dad, and then-husband) that I never took care of myself, now I am – Pauline
  • Of course, my kids, and then second, will hopefully help others not feel so alone in this journey. We all need someone! – Sammi
  • I am a solitary person by nature. After my husband died and relocated, I knew that I needed to signup for some volunteer activities to get me out in the community and provide a scheduling framework. – Karen
  • My almost 3-year-old, 86 lb. Lab sleeps with me every night. Every morning she army crawls to me and lays her head on me for morning snuggles. She is such a sweetheart. – Diane
  • My job! It’s a dream job for me, and I enjoy it very much. – Linda
  • At first, it was pure survival. I had to find a job within 2wks to pay the rent. His illness had wiped us out while waiting for disability. I did it, though, and was so proud of myself. One foot in front of the other. – Candie
  • At the beginning of losing my late husband, it was my kids! Now it because I don’t take things for granted, so I want to experience, explore, creative, being curious, and living again! – Mandy
  • A lot of it is just a need to continue (there really is no other choice for me). I try to make my friends and family proud. Most importantly, to me, is to show my nieces and nephews that it is possible to be happy and productive after any life change. We can all move forward and continue improving and striving to be our best selves and be loving and kind. Sending you all peace. – Paula
  • He wouldn’t want me to give up. There is still love and beauty. – Donna