Widow Wisdom: What impact did becoming a widow have on your friendships?

We asked our widow sisters to share their wisdom by answering this question; What impact did becoming a widow have on your friendships?

  • My three closest friends were with me the night it happened and didn’t leave my side. I was four months pregnant, and they took turns staying with me for the first few days. When I was hospitalized and needed surgery (while pregnant), they took turns spending the night in my room, so I was never alone. I was seeing four or five doctors at the time. My friends and family took turns accompanying me to appointments and tests. Now, I go to concerts and shows with my best friend and her husband. They have the kids and me over for dinner almost weekly. My friends never stopped loving me. If anything, they created a protective bubble around me. Very thankful to have had such a wonderful support system. Wouldn’t have made it without them. – Wister on Instagram

  • Unfortunately, all the friends that were close to me have gone to their heavenly home also. I have a best friend that keeps in touch, but we live hundreds of miles apart, and we are only able to communicate by telephone calls or text. At a time like this, I wish that I lived near family. I am still blessed because I do have someone that checks on me every day, and she calls me her godmother. The grown children of my friends also keep in touch with me, but visiting is out now that the worldwide pandemic is going on. – Beverly


  • My friendships all became stronger, which I am thankful for. But I lost my entire family… I learned how avoidant they were only after my husband died. My emotion scared them and made them too uncomfortable. – Wister on Instagram


  • Being a widow has given me the courage to say what I’m thinking. I am humbled to help others in a more profound manner. I’m loving more deeply. Tomorrow is not promised. Be great today- Tonya


  • Most of them disappeared, and new ones emerged with women who get it. – Wister on Instagram

  • I ended a friendship of 30 years because that person didn’t want to understand and didn’t want to be there for me. – Wister on Instagram



  • Thankfully, I have friends who have continued to invite me to things as a single person. But for a few couples, My presence is too sad for them because it makes them miss my late husband too much. One couple even told me straight out that having me over was hard for them.- Cindy


  • Most friendships have been severed. They couldn’t handle my grief and didn’t want to understand. – Wister on Instagram


  • Lost several friends, but a few of the good ones have been there and continue to be there for our girls and me. My mom passed away suddenly six weeks ago, and I’m now the matriarch of the family, which by the way, sucks, but I have decided I have got to lean into life and take on new challenges pray for me as I take new steps. -Lori


  • The closest have all but disappeared. And those that I thought were more acquaintances are the ones who have helped me through. So the acquaintances became friends and friends became acquaintances. – Wister on Instagram


  • My friendships grew stronger. I was blessed with so much support then, and even now, six years later, my friends have my back, love my children & support me unconditionally- Wister on Instagram.

  • Lost some I thought would stand the time; we were friends (as a couple), not me. But made some new friends that have become special. – Wister on Instagram


  • Besides my two life long friends, all others disappeared. I have new friends now💜- Wister on Instagram.


  • Everyone surrounded me with help when it happened. As time goes on, there are fewer around. I know it is hard, uncomfortable, and awkward for everyone. I know people do not know what to say around me. I just want to talk about him with people, but it seems like most are afraid to. – Tiffany


  • Some solidified, and some went away. Surprisingly it’s the ones I thought that would always stay that didn’t. – Wister on Instagram